any way to get around this?

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  1. is there any way to get around droppin 150+ for an HPS or MH? are there any other lighting sources i could use that aren't so expensive?
  2. Compact floro (CFL).
  3. im growin one plant under 100watts of CFL... costs under 25 bucks i think. 1surge protector + 4 CFL + 4 socket converters. [​IMG]
  4. Can we all please tyr the search button??? its is a very basic question.
  5. how do socket converters work mate?

    Im goona go with CFLs in my grow and was gonna get 4 or 5 cheap table lamp and take em appart as I just want the bulb on the end of a wire that can be plugged into a socket (im shite at electrics as did wood/metal work in D&T at school)

    Can you get them in most DIY shops?
  6. Yes you can get cfl and the lamps at any home depot/lowes/walmart
  7. those converters plug into an outlet and it lets you screw in a CFL... i used a surge protector and plugged in 4 in a row, screwed 4 bulbs in the sockets... BAM home-made lamp! they were like 2 bucks a peice
  8. Bump

    I saw this in another section of the forum and this is exactly the set up I want. The problem is I aint got a clue about how to wire it

    what wire would i need

    I want about 4-6 CFL set up

    im in the uk and i need it to be able to plug straight into the wall socket

    Any advice is appreciated
  9. Yes, you can spend less than 150, but that's dependant on how many watts you're shooting for, and you'll have to remote the ballast yourself.

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