Any way i can smoke a really small amount through a joint?

Discussion in 'General' started by grantacus, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. id like to smoke a super small amount just for a nice buzz, and for me it doesn't take much.. is there anyway i can roll a super small joint? or lace it with something? i dont smoke splifs (no tobacco) anything else?? thanks,
  2. Don't "lace" your herb with anything, unless it's more herb.
    Just roll up a small joint worth a few good hits. I do it often.
  3. No tobacco, but lacing ok...
    Buy some potent ass weed.
  4. Just spread it out. Make it into a straight line and roll it up tight. Like a pin. Easier with smaller papers like 1.25's.
  5. make a long filter
  6. put some wax/budder/hash/kief or something in it
  7. You'd probably have better luck with a blunt in this case....easier to trim down and roll skinnier.

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  8. Yes I have actually rolled a super small joint before. I even made a filter with a piece of a post-it note I cut with scissors. If you're looking for a little bit, use a zebra 301 pen bong with a water bottle and you're literally set
  9. You could roll a regular one and just hit it once or twice?
  10. this. all ready to go for next time then too
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    I use to do the same shit like roll half a blunt or a clip haha. In those times were u just tryna use little ammount of bud bowls and bongs are what you need. Ever since i got a bowl and just got a zong like last week. I havent rolled a blunt in ages ha. Only when smoking wit migos
  12. Just roll it up.
  13. Buy a roller, its like 4 bucks and you can roll tiny ass pinners. Like .1-.2
  14. inject heroin into your tear duct and then just roll a short thin joint
  15. If you'd like to smoke a super small amount, i recommend buying a pipe

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