any tobacco smokers? everyone vote

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. do any of you stoners smoke tobacco? if you do please specify how much you smoke per day and how much weed you smoke too. please don't say what brand you smoke or start an anti-tobacco flame war. everyone knows it's unhealthy - that's been established. so vote away!
  2. awwww FUCK .. first it didn't let me post a pic that was too big now i forgot to put a vote thing in. it was gonna be "do you smoke: yes or no"
  3. lol you wanna try this one again? *click* *click* delete!

    edit: no, no tobacco smoking here
  4. I smoke. I go through a pack in about 3 days. I'm quitting now, tho.
  5. Never have never will. First time i got offered was i think 5th grade, said nope and that was that.
  6. I smoke tobacco sometimes... I usually smoke weed about 3-5 times a week depending on how much I have.
  7. i smoke weed whenever possible. i go through about a pack of cigs in three days.
  8. I smoke pot as much as I can get away with and I dont smoke anything tobacco except a cigar once in a whiel
  9. i never ever touch cigs. weed gets u high. cigs don't. cigs r just dum.
  10. I smoke 1 or 2 handrolled cigs a day. Rarely more than two, some days none at all. Just depends. I smoke the occasional cigar or pipe tobacco too. Weed is usually about 4 times a week average, depending on $ and free time.
  11. i smoke weed once or twice a week...

    or more, if i can afford it.

    i'll get a pack of clove cigs on occasion.

    it takes me about a month or two to get through a pack.
  12. oops i didnt see the weed thing. I smoke weed everday if i have it, sometimes ill be lit alld ay others just when i get out of school.
  13. I too down a pack in 3 days. Now i'm hooked on these new "American SPirit" cigarettes. They are 100% nicotine free, all natural tobacco and they also don't have a lot of the other bad shit in most cigarettes. I'm smoking these to reduce my addiction. I'm not ready to quit completly, now it's just a leasure thing more than addiction... like it was back in the old days.

  14. Uh, nicotine free tobacco? Somehow I doubt it.
  15. They're 100% additive free. I went to their website.

    ...and No, I don't smoke cigarettes.

    I smoke weed everyday. I haven't been smoking as much as usual, though. I normally go through an ounce a week but lately it's been much less.
  16. Damn, folks.

    I'm pretty bad then, eh?
    I smoke a pack of newports a day and I've only been smoking cigs about a year.

    Nat Sherman cigarettes are good, and they are also all natural.
  17. I have smoked cigarettes for 25+ years, am only 35 :( (it's actually more than 25 years but i won't say how many over that, i was very very young, grandpa used to let me smoke with him, and my uncles had the bad habit that they too shared with me). Anyway, i smoke a pack every 2 or 3 days, sometimes more depending on my stress level and if i'm out of weed heh.
  18. see sig

    and hear this


    thats about all i have to say
  19. Don't smoke tobacco, get high most days.

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