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any tips on having bud but NOT smoking it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thebirdmachine, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. hey everyone,

    so i'm on a t-break at the moment for exams and stuff. before that, i was smoking pretty much every day, at least 3-5 times a day. smoking before class, smoking on campus, smoking when i got home, cutting class to stay at home and smoke, yknow, basically integrating it into my daily routine. which i had no problem with and pretty much loved, except recently i've been coming to the conclusion that maybe this isn't the best thing for me. smoking all the time takes its toll on my lungs, and to some extent my social life. when i'm at home smoking i just smoke all the time and stay in, don't go out, don't see anybody etc. which is cool, i love it, but it just doesn't feel "healthy".

    another reason for not wanting to smoke like ALL day all the time is that recently my partner and i (we live together) had a conversation about our thoughts on my frequent smoking. he was kind of under the impression that it wasn't a "good" thing to do to be altering your brain chemistry all the time, every second hour of the day, yknow what i'm saying? and i respect his opinion so much and, whilst i'm not going to "change" myself for someone else, i think there's an element of truth to what he's saying (for me), and i want to cut down, take a step back, and re-evaluate my relationship with the herb. mary jane, it's been a blast, but too much of a good thing, yknow?

    i guess what i want is to just smoke in the evening, once or twice, to relax and unwind and play some fucking final fantasy, etc. but my problem is, if i have bud in the house, i just smoke it. like, all the time. i want to be able to keep bud in my stash spot and ignore it for the whole day until it reaches the evening time. but i just can't. seem. to do this!

    tldr; basically i want to cut down and just smoke in the evenings, but if i have bud in the house, it just toke that shit up without a second thought.

    has anyone got any tips for controlling your weed intake whilst you still have bud in the house? any thoughts or personal experiences with cutting down / doing the same?
  2. simple....have some self control.
  3. or sell the shit

  4. this...
  5. but it's soooo hardddddd

    i enjoy being high SO damn much... knowing that i can, and knowing how great it's going to feel, is just too much of an incentive to not do it. besides, i always make up some bullshit about how it's fine to smoke and it's a good decision and whatnot.. and it is! but i just don't want to do it... but i do an ARGH mess
  6. Smoke the rest if what you have all in one epic smoking session, THEN take your t break.

  7. Smoking cannabis is just like any other hobby. It takes up your time, it cost money, you enjoy talking about it.

    Find another hobby to take up your time during the day.

  8. theres no other way.. theres no easy way out.
    its gonna be hard just deal with it.

    like the other guy said... only solution is self control.. and we cant give that to you
  9. If you're concerned about health, invest in a vaporizer; if you have the money, a volcano would be the way to go. I dont have one due to a lack of funds, but a close friend has one and its sooooo, sick he says it was totally worth the money. If thats not an option go with vaporbros or some similar box vape.

    If those arent an option i would say go with edibles cause theyre also extremely sweet lol. they save bud = saving money ( hey maybe you can save up enough for a volcano! :) ) plus they're totally safe.

    As far as the whole brain chemistry thing goes i have absolutely no clue sorry lol. i guess it couldnt hurt to slow down your habit but i also dont see any evidence of people who smoke everyday having any problems.

    and yea, like everyone else said just practice some self control haha
  10. find something else to spend your money on. the biggest problem with me when i started smoking was getting my paycheck every week and SPENDING almost the whole thing on weed. it takes time. maybe you can smoke weed as a reward for doing something? like if i go to the gym today, i'll smoke a bowl later tonight. or if i get all my important shit done, i got a nice blunt waiting for me at home. know what i'm sayin ?
  11. I find that hitting the gym a lot helps cut it down. Yes, i start off by smoking before and after workouts but as you get more into it you start to cut the immediate after sesh. Then the before sesh. You'll realize before you know it that you are into working out more and taking care of your body and just seshin at better times.

    I've been on a bit of a hot streak myself. Just started hitting the gym again.

    I look at it like most other things. You can EASILY get trapped in smoking and making it your whole lifestyle. Like anything its not too good for you to do 24/7 but in moderation its a lot better than other shit that you could be doing. "Stoners" do a lot less damage to the surrounding community than Alcoholics.
  12. realize u dnt need to get high. u dnt need to smoke to feel good or better.

    moderation is key. handle your own shit bfore the shit handles you.
  13. You are weak, be glad that survival of the fittest no longer pertains to a high level or you would have died a long time ago.

  14. Smoke ~3 bowls and a joint before going to the gym with a friend = amazing workout and run

    I do this 3 times a week
  15. I would say slowly build some self-control where you study/work/do your shit during the day, then when the evening comes around, light up (if you got nothing else important to do) and relax after a productive day. ^_^

    Yeah it's nice to smoke, but be responsable for yourself and do what you have to do before getting high.

  16. well i dont run (trying to bulk up) but i find that smoking before i lift totally kills my pump and as a result i have to do like 10% or so less weight than normal :(
  17. convince yourself that its made out of lava and if you touch it, your hand will burn off:cool:
  18. #18 TheCodeWriter, Jan 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 6, 2011
    That's what I do when at college, but when on break you have to be a little more liberal with usage ;)

    I feel like that sometimes, but most times I do feel like I have a more productive workout. I focus less on the hard work I'm doing and think about stuff I have to do when I'm done.

  19. I am doing the same thing as my finals are soon. It's simple, self motivation. The last day of finals, I am going home at 9:30 and I will have an eighth waiting for me. I make myself think of how much of a waste it would be to smoke it before and how much fun I'm gonna have when I blaze that friday :smoke:

    Also just think of the good name you give stoners when you have self control :smoke: it helps man trust me
  20. self-control man. nothing else to it. doesnt mean it's easy, but it definitely is simple

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