any tips for insomnia?

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  1. Cause I've just been laying in bed for the last almost two hours, and I can't even fall asleep, it's running on 2AM.

    it sucks. probably has to do with the fact that the only weed I had in me all day was maybe mid day, and that was a couple puffs of a joint, and that buzz only lasted for like 10 min.

    And it 'specially sucked when I came out here cause the fucking browser screen was so damn bright, made my fucking eyes water.

    So any tips to maybe fall asleep, besides smoking since I've been a broke mo'fo' for the last two weeks?

    edit: maybe smoking my second last cig will help....
  2. Try 25-50mg of benadryl, that should knock you out. Also mostly any night time cough syrup. If this happens a lot, invest in some melatonin or Valerian root.

    Make sure you don't have an allergy to any of these, don't take them if you've had adverse reactions to them in the past.
  3. Just porn it up for a while.
  4. the only medicines i got in the house are tylenol and like ibuprofen.

    and the only pot in my house is my dad's stash, but he's sleeping in his room so i can't even go get any...

    already res scraped my bowl to fuck, and I ain't got no screen...

    only place there might be ANYTHING might be in some homemade bongs I have up in my room, but my bros in there sleeping too....

    porn might work....

    edit: wish I saved my cig for post-porn....
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    I don't know what to tell you about tonight.

    Your mind is probably racing and thats whats keeping you from going to sleep. Try focusing on your breathing. Chill that heart rate down by breathing deep and full in a slower and slower manner.

    And, if this is something that happens a lot, I recommend you google: Melatonin, Valerian Root, Kava Tea.
  6. I've been trying that...I wasn't even near sleep.

    shit was just too uncomfortable...I'll figure it out though....
  7. I was diagnosed with insomnia awhile ago due to work stress. I feel your pain brotha. I suggest:

    1. Take a warm bath, relax, slip into bed and listen to some good music (Radiohead works best for me.)
    2. Drink some tea.
    3. Go outside run as fast as you can till you can't run anymore.
    4. Work out .
  8. 5: Buy a lavender plant
  9. Yeah, my main problems with sleeping just add up and up and it's just so bad.

    1)my bed is uncomfortable as's an old, still ass mattress...
    2) I still have to share a fucking room with my bro cause I live in a shitty 2 bedroom apartments with him and my bro....but my bro is 19 and still living here, and he's lame as fuck and anti-everything, and we even fucking share a god damn bunk about fucking retro....(and the dick makes me sleep on the top bunk)
    3)No A/C in my room, and my brother hogs the only fan in our room
    4)I have some back problems and like no matter what position I sleep in, my back ends up aching and that keeps me distracted from trying to sleep
    5)My mind is constantly racing with thoughts of the day, thoughts from the past, and thoughts about the future and what I might do if this or this or whatever happens and all that
    6) Don't wanna go to the doctors because I gots no health insurance so don't even wanna be billed a huge ass fucking fee for them doing nothing

    a couple years ago one day i was like real sick or something, like halfway during school I just had a huge ass headache, constant cold chills (even though I had a fever) and everyone said I was pale as fuck and I just didn't feel good. I went home and laid down on the couch wrapped up in my blanket cause I was so cold and kept shivering, but I still had a high ass fever. Anyways, my dad took me to the hospital where I had to wait for like a fucking hour to be seen, they put me in a room for another like half hour or more, and just gave me these two small pills (dunno what they were) and a fucking 6oz can of ginger ale....and a couple weeks later my dad got a bill for like $300 plus bucks for all fuck that.

    So basically for the last couple months I've been liking smoking like a bowl before bed so it helps me chill and shit, and it helps a lot. I definitely notice a difference between sober sleep, and high sleep.

    So I'm pretty much fucked for sleep until I get way too fucking tired...which will be a while still probably cause I've also been going to sleep at around this time every "night" and waking up at 12-2 in the afternoon.

    edit: thanks for all the tips, unfortunately I can't try some of them at this time but will keep them in mind during the future...and hopefully have some bedtime bowls too.
  10. well you have a problem after problem don't ya?

    A word of advice, a bunk bed does NOT have to be a bunk bed, oh and if you have a window in your room and a box fan, simply open the window, place the box fan near the screen and turn it on high. It creates a circulation of air throughout the room eliminating hot air to just linger. I used to have to do that back when money got a little tight, worked enough for me to sleep at night.

    I wish I could help more bro, I know exactly how that shit is.
  11. yeah, I don't mean to sound like a whining bitch or just sucks after awhile.

    but life goes on...I'll get sleep eventually....I might just actually crash out on my couch again listening to some floyd with the AC on low or something....

    but thanks for all the advice and tips and shit to everyone who's posted.
  12. well... this what i did.

    I'm lucky enough to live in SoCal and got my marijauna referral for insomia which ive had for a couple years. basically, i toke a good bowl or 2 then watch a movie etc.. im sorry if ur not of age or dont live in a bud firendly area :(. but like others have siad... workout/do something active... if im up late and want to go to bed and dont got anything i do pushups/strectches. and if u get frustrated about no sleep sometimes like i did, i would realize theres nothing wrong with staying up.. maybe u dont wont 2 or arent supposed to. but ifyou cant sleep u cant, do something else. if it was 2am and i couldnt sleep i would play a computer game or surf grassciy forums:wave:
  13. 500mg of Valerian Root
    and 5mg of Melatonin

    both can be found at GNC or even Walmart.

    Valerian root is an herb and Metatonin is a hormone.

    One or the other will work, but together it really works.
  14. lying awake for two hours? that's pussy shit, try FIVE YEARS like me

  15. i woulda said the same thing
    go with his advice
  16. are u kiddingme op.the last "problem" you had was you said you wake up at 12 or 2 everyday.thats why.the human body only needs 8 hours of sleep.wake yo ass up at like 9 one day and be tired all day then fall asleep at 11 or whenever and wake up at 9 dont have insomnia.your body should stay up until 4 30 if you wake up at 1
  17. warm milk always helped me.

    it's tasty too.

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