Any thoughts on LOZ:Skyward Sword

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by LAmurs, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I just sold my wii:mad:
    Anyways I think it will be good
    I want this game to be long though because I felt the other were short for me
    well except Ocarina of time it took like a year haha
  2. I really lost interest in the Zelda games after the N64 ones. Wind Waker was ok, but they really went crazy with the whole kiddy/cartoony style in the games after that though.

    Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask were incredible, I wish they'd go back and do something like that. I tried to get into Twilight Princess but I couldn't, its art style was too weird for me. and Skyward Sword looks to be the same, all bright and cartoony. And they seem to be basing the whole series around the whole "motion control" gimmick.

    The one thing I'm holding out hope for is the supposed "HD Zelda" that they're working on for the WiiU. The tech demo is on YouTube and it actually has realistic graphics, kind of reminded me of a next-gen Ocarina of Time.
  3. Yes OoT and MM are my top 2 Zelda game.
    Yea Wind Waker had all that cartoon style I didn't realky like but for me it was harder then twillight. Twillight was so easy.
    How come you didn't like the art style in twillight? I liked that style a lot.
    I agree with the motion with Skyward Sword, I don't want to be swinging my controller but I guess you really need it.
  4. There NEEDS to be an Ocarina of Time remake. It's easily one of the top ten games of all time
  5. haha yeah Ocarina with like twillight graphics

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