any thc from males?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greenmeany, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. hey yall, just wonderin if there was anyway i could utilize a male plant to get any resin. do u think i could get enough to make some hash or prolly not? if i could leeme know how. thanks fellas preciate it. :)
  2. yes! you can 4 sure extract resin from male plants. U can make several types of hash, although i suggest iso hash. check the seasoned tokers section, theres a sticky on how to make hash. good luck :D
  3. don't bother, it is very likely too small to be worth the effort.
  4. you can only get low grade oil from the leaves there is next to no glandular tricomes ,little lollypops or resin to make real hash
    maybe a cake
  5. i made budder outta a male plant, it was awaste of time
  6. I have a video you might be able to find (cant post it as its 100+ mb :() called "Marijuana THC Extraction (honey oil) hash" its guy using houshopld products to extract the TCH from MJ.

    Pretty cool but as i understand the product at the end it Class A :rolleyes: so... your call.

    All you need it butane gas, some muslim cloth, tape and a vessel to pack the bud in.

    If you find it check it out
  7. out of a 5 foot male plant, i got a tiny bit of hash. like a gram. not too much effort put in to it and i was bored. i made it using ice water extraction. considering it was the only things i got from my grow that season because all my other plants that i left there longer got robbed :mad:.

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