Any techno reccomendations?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ktom49, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. My first time I got high, i listened to techno and can't go without listening to it if i ever get high. I have lots of stuff by Crystal Method, Prodigy, Kai Tracid, and some other remixes and such. Anyone got any really good reccomendations?
  2. Aphex twin is great but pretty strange
    Future sound of london
    Black Lung
    any kind of psychedelic trance stuff is great (expect mystical celtic)
    Skinny Puppy and Godflesh remixes are worth of checking out
    Front line assembly
  3. I highly recommend ScrotuumLift they r kinda under ground so it maybe pretty hard to track down.,
  4. Hell Dance by dj special k (go to to find it), and carol of the bells (a demonic christmas) by dj demonixx both kick major ass. if you like techno you'll love these 2 songs. hell dance kinda sounds like the theme for mortal combat... it gets really sick about halfway through :D
  5. it really depends of what genre of techno your into.... being, house, trance, progressive, industrial, jungle etc etc...

    just to bake and vibe with...

    Aphex twinn
    Plugg twinn
    square pusher

    badboy bill
    Jonathan peters
    dj micro (hometown dj)

    i dunno, im just down with the scene cause i spinn if you have any questions or anything ask awayyyyyy i love this stuff.
  6. anyone know of any bands that lay some beats over hard jazz melodies? Like the one lincoln commercial where they are jamming in a room
  7. check out some acid jazz.....

    maybe some portis head or massive attack..

    just a thought, not exactly the same thing, but still damn good. :)
  8. Prodigy (at their best around 'Jilted' time)
    Aphex twin

    SQUAREPUSHER (I'm the fucking daddy!) hehe
    Dave Dresden
    apc (Anti pop consortium)
    Mira Kalix
    Two Lone Swordsmen
    DJ Yoda

    and if it's the psychadelic hypnotic techno u looking for (as if the one's i've mentioned already aint trippy hypno enough) check out ...

    Autechre ...&
    Boards of Canada (highly reccomend)

    oh heck.... just go visit where u can even listen to some stuff of the website (warpradio) that u cant get on kazaa or on CD.

    what more could any man ask for:
    A cone of quality bud... walkman & BIG-headphones... Boards of Canada - Music has the right to children CD.
  9. if you like jazz infused electronic, check out St. Germain. he's talented...

    as far as trance goes, i like Kimball Collins, Thomas Michael, Paul Van Dyke.

    d N b...ak1200, dieselboy.

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