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  1. So I am planning on making my first bong purchase in the next week or so and after doing some research I plan on ordering the Messias Illusion single perc - 18.8 bong along with the Precooler Bowl - 18.8 that is also made by weed star. Although after reading reviews on weed star I'm hesitant to buy any of their products but for around $130.00 for everything it seems like its a pretty hard deal to beat. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.

    Edit: Woot for my first post too XD
  2. I have that piece and love it, there's tons of WS haters out there, but for those of us who dont wanna drop hundreds on a tube its perfect, looks cool, rips great, good buy.
    i dont know about the bowl tho..
  3. only complaint really i read about weed star is that they break easy. And for $130 with the precooler, seems pretty good to me. Depending on your price range you could get something better though.
  4. Thanks for the feedback peeps. Are there any suggestions for a better tube for around the same price? 150 including shipping would be the highest I would really wanna go but if the tube is super smexy ill be willing to spend a few extra bucks :p
  5. I personally just got a 18" 5150 4 arm perk (all diffused) with a diffused downstem, ash catcher, and bag for 190. I'd say go to a local headshop to see what the selection is. If they don't have anything that is in your price range then shop online. But, just think you could pick a piece up next week and have it right away or you could wait on the shipment and hope it isn't broken. Sorry for spamming your thread.:smoke:
  6. Haha definitely not spam thanks for your input. I plan on going to a few different local head shops this weekend too see what i can get thats in my price range and i just got a tip from a bud to check out syn tubes which look like a pretty solid alternative to me (maybe even an upgrade).

    Keep the feedback comin :hello:
  7. As long as you know what you are talking about you should get a nice discount. At my local place on anything over 100 bucks I get a nice 20% discount. On anything above 200 I get 40% off. Also are you looking for a perk'd bong? And, straight tube or beaker bottom? If you have to travel to the closest large city. You might find one amazing deal. Just roll up a couple dutchs/games/swishers and go find a new piece.
  8. Although this is my first bong purchase i have used them before and i have all the common knowledge about them but because i havent thought about buying one until now i didnt know what company to look at or what kind of product i should be able to get for my money. I would like to get a bong with a perc but the number one priority is getting the best blown tube i can for the price, anything extra is just a perc. No pun intended :D
  9. Idk if it would be cheaper but look for a local glass blower. I'll send you a picture of the bong I just picked up.
  10. Don't get weedstar. For around $150 you can get a MUCH better deal online.

    Look around some more but this time for a SOLID, SIMPLE setup that has the following:

    Has a diffused downstem(it will either come with the tube or you buy it seperatly),
    Is no taller then 18", but somewhere between 12" and 18" is perfect,
    Is at least 5mm thick,
    And under $150 you can find a great setup.

    Remember start simple, just a GonG bong with a diffused downstem and slide(bowl).
    Then, if you want, you may add an ashcatcher. But you need a stable foundation first!
  11. I still say get it man, its cheap, it looks good, it rips'll like it

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