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Any stoners into reptiles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HippieTrippyBudGirl, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I love snakes...don't currently have any but at one time had a Ball Python and 2 corn snakes. I love to go herping, looking for and catching wild snakes. Just wondering if any of you were into reptiles or had any as pets?
  2. Is that a yes or a no?
  3. I have a leopard Gecko, but I'm considering getting another reptile. I'm just not sure which species yet...
  4. Oh, I love the Leopard Gecko's! Don't they bite though? I kind of want another snake but not sure!
  5. Leopard geckos do bite sometimes, but it doesn't really hurt. It's just shocking and surprisingly strong pressure. I love all animals, but reptiles are pretty high up on the list.
  6. I got a ball python in a 40-45 gallon tank with a decent set up
  7. Oh, cool guys! This is awesome...Do any of you go herping? We do that on our property...we're on a 8 acres and go snake hunting. I went for the first time the other day and found 2, caught one...just little brown snakes...nothing poisionous!
  8. How big is your Ball Python, Herbie? I used to have one for a few years....they're pretty cool!
  9. Really really want a chameleon:cool:. There so bad ass.
  10. Oh, they're awesome! Have you seen the ones that are every color of the rainbow? Don't know what they're called but they're bad ass.
  11. I like them and looked into getting a snake or maybe bearded dragon but everything was all so expensive. Im getting a rabbit hopefully tomorrow though. Cant wait! Im ready for another pet since my dog passed in the fall.
  12. I got a ball python too. Nicest snake ever lol. Will "lick" or i guess sense my face with his toungue. Kinda dumb tho because if you look away for a minute while it's out if the cage it will be inside the recliner chair all wrapped up in the metal bars and shit. <--- Yes that was something that it actually did.
  13. Who does not like snakes? Yes there are a few of us here check out this thread.

    A snake hunting female! I like that:wave:
  14. I've had a few green anoles before. My 3rd grade class had them as pets and my teacher asked me if i'd care for them over the summer. Great lizards for a beginner, very good temperament and low maintenance.
  15. Yeah, Bearded Dragons are cool, but I'm more of a snaker person :) Ball pythons are cool...mine wrapped around the steering wheel when I was driving one time and I went off the road...popped 2
  16. What are Green Anoles? Never heard of them??
  17. Yeah I used to have an african sand boa. chill little snake
  18. Get a pyball python by far my fav snake

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