any sober people in the house?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by maleadapted, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. soberiety gets me so high dude! oxygen rules!
  2. haha yeah unfortunately, im dry.
  3. yeah im sober now. Oxygen is good, but so is THC!:smoking:
  4. Never tried it.

    Don't know anyone who could even get me any.

  5. Unfortunately, yes. Been sober for almost a week straight now. I HATE IT!
  6. Dawg im sober for the next month and a half :(:mad:. Gettin weekly drug tests :(:(:(.. but i got some niacin so i should be good?? And i think i am still drink and do shrooms because they dont stay in your system for long.
  7. Yea, I've been sober for a few days because I kinda feel like it. My life doesn't revolve around drugs thankfully, and I just stick to weed :)
  8. Unfortunately. yes. Feeling like a shitbag
  9. I havent done drugs in a week!
    Only smoked herb!
    proud of myself
  10. sober here

    havent smoked in over a month
    and i'm not doing anything else until summer vacation
  11. yep. sober here

    but i just got back from a fat bike ride with my good friend so i'm naturally relaxed

    a beer and/or weed would feel nice, though

    oh shit i got 5 bucks!!!

    i'ma get a beer!!!
  12. Yea dude scrap up like a dollar more in quarters and get 2 40's
  13. It seems like the more drugs you use, the more painful sober life is.

    Pretty sad really, which is why I stick to Cannabis.
  14. This is untrue. However, sober life BLOWS when you need a particular drug
  15. yes

    oh wait i mean no.:smoking:
  16. If I'm completely clean (stay sober for a while) and I smoke, it'll stay in my system for 2 more days max. That's if I smoke only once while I'm clean though.
  17. ya.. right now till it kicks in.. but bout to get off .. smoke a bowl and then get back on.. haha
  18. Yep, been sober for a while now. Even though I miss Mary, I do feel much better. Getting up for work at 4:30 a.m. coming down from being high is never fun.. haha.
  19. Lame.
  20. Yes, I am the most sober I've been in at least two years.

    It's a blessing and a pain in the ass.

    +1 needing a drug sucks hard :mad:

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