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Any smokers that run?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by purplemeadow, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. I'm a runner and have run half-marathons, but started smoking bud on a daily basis...What does smoking weed do to your running? Does it screw your endurance such as a cigarette?
  2. I play tennis 3-4 hours a day and smoke everyday and partialy high at practice but i play really good while high due to increase concentration. I don't notice the effect if I play and smoke consecuitvly but if I dont play for a while I can really feel it. I have noticed that I can hold my breath ALOT longer then what I use to. werd.
  3. i smoked in high school and ran cross country. i currently swim in college and smoke virtually everyday.
  4. If you stay pretty active you'ee be fine. im smoked fairly heavy in high school, and played soccer, basketball, and ran track without any problems.
  5. yea i ran cc track and played soccer indoor and outdoor if you are in good shape it shouldnt be a problem

    i have been out hs some time but i still run 3-5 times a week usually 5-10miles each run and i play soccer twice every week and blaze pretty much all day everyday and dont have any problems
  6. Man I was stoned as hell off of 4 firecrackers and we had a 2 mile run test, I almost died man.
  7. I play tennis for about a hour, when I do it high I noticed a run for balls on the other side of the court more, and faster. Or maybe it just feels th at way because I'm high.

    I like to exercise high generally. You must make the distinction between high, stoned, ripped out of your mind. I happened to get totally fucking stoned out of my mind one time; and knowing it was a bad idea to still go jogging. I still did and it was the worst time of my life.

    As to just smoking[weed] in general, it should not have much effect on you.
  8. I used to run but quit cause I didnt like it anymore. Played B-ball, and currently play soccer in college. I used to run good to best PR was 16:59 as a freshman in highschool. fastes mile 4:54. Lets hear your guys times.
  9. last time i ran from the police (not for mj related offenses) i booked it a good six miles sprinting for about the first one and then jogging the rest. thank god i quit smoking cigarettes the week before or i'da been fucked. so id say nah man people usually cant run cuz they smoke and dont do shit, if your already a pretty active person dont trip on it.
  10. my best 5K was on a street course and it was a 16:30ish. Best mile was a 5:12.

    Swimming for those who know it, 50 free is a 22.35, and my 1650(mile) is around 20 minutes.

    i smoke daily, and swim 3+ miles a day for practice and find that there is a bit more spitting involved, phlem is a problem for me, im not sure if its from toking or what, its not black like cig smokers that cough shit up, so idk really.
  11. playin bball high is great and if u smoke before you play it really shouldnt bother you but lets say i take a few days off from smoking then basketball is so hard, i smoke ciggarettes and it can be tough to play cause your out of breath but i just tough it out and ill be ok
  12. my personal best, back in high school when i ran cc, was 16:40. I ran that as a junior, in midseason, and i started the year out right around the 18 minute mark, so who knows what could've been. i tore a ligament in my ankle doing indian runs through this trail. tripped over a root, fucked my world up. couldn't even get on a bike for 4 weeks. ran a 17:38 at district. i was fucking pissed.

  13. everytime i run high i don't get out of breath as easily, i think bud opens up your blood vessels, so more blood flow = more oxygen to your muscles
  14. THC opens up the aveoli in the lungs, which allows for easier respiration.
  15. if running from pigs counts :wave: :smoking:
  16. i run and lift weights almost every day
  17. The fact is, yu will always be better at your sport if you didn't smoke anything.
  18. it depends, everyone is different. I'm 22 and i smoke weed and cigs, everyday since i was like 16. and i can still run fine. but just like anything (no matter if you smoke anything or not) the more you do it the easier it gets..last summer when i was on a strict work out schedual, i would smoke weed on the way to work, on both 15 minute breaks, and on the drive home, and at the point in the day, i had already smoked about 1/2 to 3/4 pack of cigs, and i'd come home and run 1.5 miles in about 10 mins.
  19. I run regularly to keep fit...3 miles a couple times a week.
  20. I'd say smoking hasn't effected my running, but i don't really do much anymore...the only running i do now is from the police.

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