Any Smokers and Tokers in England?

Discussion in 'General' started by BritBrit, May 11, 2011.

  1. I was born here and stuff till I was 18, then moved to South Dakota, USA. Just moved back a week ago.. MAN. None of my friends here smoke the peace. It sucks. I'm getting to the point where I'm getting them to tolerate it. Doesn't it suck when you're high and your friends take the piss... ohh well. It's all good.

    Any other tokers down my Hampshire, Surrey way?
  2. Nottingham!!
  3. London Village and surrounding areas :D Welcome Back :D
  4. tea and crumpets :cool:
  5. London Village huh? That doesn't sound like it should be a match... but that's ok cus I'm high and I just scared myself in my own mirror... lol
  6. And thanks for all the welcomes :) All very kind of you. Ummm Man. I need to buy a new Hooka :(
  7. lol that's what basically London is loads of small villages all right next to each other - mirrors do the same to me some times lol :D

  8. Hah, yeah I guess it is! London was founded by the Romans. They called it Londinium or some shit like that. An probably off on the spelling but the other shit is all good... Umm I was sitting in my room smoking a bowl and saw myself in the mirror... I had a really short conversation with myself and it was a fucking dodgy experiance!
  9. :smoke: you baked? guessing you must me (lucky fucker) :D

  10. lol yeah I'm pretty baked right now... haha
  11. I can tell ha ha, and never met you - so whats it like being back? Strange right?

  12. Hahaha Yeah it is a bit weird... like all the country side and the bick cities again... love blazing up in the forests and country areas around Surrey. Best blazin' ever! Umm but yeah I love it. Got mates and family here ;) Just need a job now! haha
  13. Liverpool unfortunatley.
  14. Not a fan then?? :smoke:

  15. No, lol.
    Why I didn't move away when I went to uni is a mystery.
  16. Anything stopping you now mate?

  17. Leeds!

    Though I'm a Walsall kid, up here in Leeds for uni.
  18. An old old girlfriend went to Leeds - cool city, I had fun up there but always bastard cold :D

  19. Already in Liverpool uni, can't really transfer because I tried uni when I was 18 so I don't have enough funding left to start again in a different uni.

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