Any Science Degree's?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone on here has / or is working towards a Bsc or more, and what in?

    I'm working toward my Bsc in biological ecology, object to change since its my first year.
  2. Got a BS in biology...working on MD.
  3. Workung in getting bsc in comp science
  4. working towards bs in radiography
  5. In my senior year working towards a BS in Environmental Engineering :wave:

    Water treatment FTW
  6. Working towards a BS in biochemistry and neurobiology.
  7. Working on BS in electrical engineering with a minor in computer science.
  8. I'm working towards a bachelors degree in computer science/computer engineering.
  9. Working on A.S. in chem :(
    I'll graduate next fall
    I'm at a community college right now.
    I'll finish up my degree at UTK (Most likely )
  10. I'll graduate with my physics B.S. this winter.....I am already done with my physics classes, just have to take biology, an education class, and a few labs to finish.
    FEELS GOOD! hehe :smoke:

    and oh yeah.....even through all the hardest classes I took, i smoked weed err day ^_^
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    BA in Chemistry, and about 6 months or so from my PhD in Biochemistry. Hard work, frustrating for sure, won't make much money, but very rewarding. Are the rewards too few compared to the setbacks? Arguably (and depends on which day you ask me this!), but I guess that's why you have to love the subject to stick with it long term. :cool:
  12. Working on my BS in chemistry, and am currently a sophomore.
    I want to finish up that degree and go on to develop new energy sources.
    Its going to be a lot of physical and analytical chemistry :hello:
  13. BSc in Ecology - my focus is on alternative energies. I think there will be a lot of work in this field in the future. First electric car in my city appeared last week!

  14. Hell yeah! I cant wait to be on the front lines of a new energy wave :hello:
  15. BS in Bio, not sure if I should go for masters or go MD. May just depend because I love research.
  16. Absolutely,
    No one understands why I switched from a nursing major to a chemistry major.

    I do... because I love science.

    I'm not being driven into a career for monetary reasons. It's going to be something I love and for personal gain.
  17. First year Math and Stats minoring in Physics with some music on the side.. (i actually didn't take any stats courses though...
  18. Working on my associates for biochemistry. :hello:
  19. i am double majoring in Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

    with minors in Physics, Chemistry and Math.

    possibly adding Chemistry as a major (only 3 more classes on top of my major, 1 for a minor)
  20. B.S. in microbiology here

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