Any rule of thumb for growing weed ?

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  1. Like, when you should transplant up and when to fertilize.

    My plants are just sprouting their 5th set of leaves ad are in a 4 inch square pot. They get watered 2 times daily and look quite green and healthy. The lights are an inch or two away .

    I am not doing hydroponics and I have to leave the house in a month or so for a week. Do i just water heavily and leave them in the dark ? Bring them upstairs and allow normal light and perhaps use a watering fabric so they get constant water but do they like their feet always being wet ?

    Input appreciated.
  2. Nice but you'll need some one, like a friend or relative maybe, to water your plants for you while your gone. They don't like their feet being wet unless you leave your plants in rockwool too long (rockwool holds little water). What kind of soil are you using? nutrient?
  3. WP30 Pro Mix Soil .

    I have watering mats from Lee valley.

    I think common sense says find a trusted individual or but a water pump that can be timed.

  4. First of all, definitely stop watering so much. Cannabis doesn't like the soil to be consistently wet - you should only have to water every 2-4 days. Definitely don't wanna leave your plants in the dark for a week - you'd have some very dead plants when you got home. I think if you transplanted to a larger container, and watered heavily (like almost a flush), they'd be ok for a week. They'll be dry by the time you get home, but like I said, they don't need constant moisture.
  5. Wow...I have been watering twice a day and they seem pretty happy. With the fan running, I should only water every 2 days ?

  6. The best rule of thumb for cannabis I've learned from SG1. PICK UP YOUR POTS. Learn by experience what the pot weighs when it is freshly watered and when it is thirsty. If 10 is a swamp, and 1 is a desert, let it cycle from 2-8.

    Cannabis likes to get a littpe dry between waterings, as it brngs oxygen to the roots. The timing between waterings is different by soul mix, container size and plant age. Right now my gals want a drink every three days. When they were seeslings they wanted water twice a day. Pick up your pots!!!
  7. As a grower the rule of thumb is...YOU HAVE NO LIFE..THE PLANTS ARE YOUR LIFE NOW

  8. Ha ha ha, I actually lol'd at this.

    True though.
  9. Keep KISS

    I live by that shit, just don't go to crazy with the nutes and let the plants tell u what they want

  10. First stop watering so much. Cannabis does not like to be saturated and let it dry out some between waterings. Use the pick up method it never fails. Pick up the pot and its heavy dont water, pick it up and its light water. You will eventually kill your plant doing that. You really only need to water every day towards the end. Theres no way you should be needing that much water unless your growing in a tiny cup or something.

    If you have to leave for a week I would water them throughly and leave them in the light.

    I would suggest you read some grow guides and the stickies on this website. Your questions suggest your a new grower.
  11. In soil and soilless media:

    Always water slowly to complete and even saturation of the media. This should result in runoff which needs to be collected in a drain pan and removed before it is reabsorbed.

    Another rule of thumb:

    Big, healthy, root systems = Fat Buds

    So don't transplant into a larger container right before flowering. You want your plant to almost fill the container they will flower in with roots before the transition to 12/12. The healthy root system that is present will propel the plant through the next 60 days of flowering with vigor.

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