Any reptile keepers? Post pictures!

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Grandsouls, May 7, 2018.

  1. Just seeing if there’s any reptile keepers like myself here. If so post pics share what you have
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  2. My BEL (Blue Eye Leucistic) Super Mojave :)

    new snake.jpg
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    I don't have any pics at the moment but my husband bought a monitor lizard not that long ago. It is pretty cool imo

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  4. She’s gorgeous.
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  5. Nice! I kept a couple myself. I am currently housing have a mangrove monitor
    Very fascinating creatures!
    My Black throat. Also fascinating!
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    I don't own any currently, just 2 furry monkeys pretending to be cats but I've kept many over the years.

    Corn snakes, Iguana, Water Dragon, Chameleon, Ball Python, Blue Tongue Skink, Black Racer (horrible little shit), Soft Shell Turtle (also horrible), few red eared sliders and I minded an alligator for a little while.

    Edit: Also owned a Cuban (aka Knight) Anole for a while but it was nasty. Bit constantly, to be honest the Iguana wasn't much better. The Water Dragon was extremely friendly, pooped on my shirt a lot and jumped off my shoulder and ran under my car seat while I was driving once, but friendly. Never bit even once.
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  7. I have two cockatiels, they are living dinosaurs! You'd especially agree if you've ever seen a newborn.

    When I lived in the desert I used to catch, tame and release wild blue bellied lizards and western fence lizards. I'd buy them crickets and keep them warm with UV lights and kept them hydrated.. they seemed pretty happy. When we moved away I released them into the backyard where I found them originally. Reptiles are awesome though, I would like to get a snake or large lizard at some point. I've always loved chameleons.
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  8. Chameleons are a ball ache and almost always get rickets disease.

    Used to have a cockatiel and they are very strange newly hatched and even after a week or 2 look gross. Funny birds though.

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  9. I second this Iv bred chameleons few times there hard to care for truly believe for advanced keepers for a healthy well balanced chameleon.
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  10. I'm not a reptile owner anymore but I used to have green iguanas, three adults and two babies. The biggest as 5' 6" from head to tail and over 10 years old; the smallest was around a foot. They were all used to being handled regularly and fed a vegan diet (with the exception of chicken and rice baby food when they got sick) to keep them from getting too aggressive. Sadly, they all died within about a week when the neighbors set off a ton of bug bombs.

    But I love reptiles... I've taken care of many over the years from big turtles to bearded dragons.
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  11. BEL Boy.jpg
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  12. Thank you my friend! :)

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