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any recommended dispensaries in portland

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NWestblessed, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Based on prices, service and usual quality.
  2. Uh......Dispensaries[sic] in Portland have been getting raided the last couple of weeks. Oregon's laws are not actually set up to allow dispensaries although there are some daring entrepreneurs that have made a run at trying to operate them using an ill informed interpretation of the laws.

    Just as an FYI, since you're new member here, please be careful not to ask for/advertise for hook ups on this site as it is a violation of the TOU. There are several patient advocacy groups in Portland that would be a good place to start in your search for medicine. I think one of them may be called Oregon Green Free and you might also find help at the Oregon NORML chapter.

    Welcome to GC,

  3. There are sites that will list dispensaries in your area. Despite all the raids, it seems that Oregon remains a very green state. There are also numerous patients that could help you out. Look at some of the patient support groups. There are many. I'm sure Google can turn up some results. Be careful, stay safe.
  4. Sorry, dude, but officially in Oregon there are no is 100% in black and white illegal to sell marijuana in Oregon, regardless of patient status. If an establishment is operating as a dispensary, they are illegal (hence the raids, unfortunately). Until/unless the law is changed, that's how it has to be. As mentioned before, Oregon Green Free and other patient sites are going to be your best bet since it's a donation-only market right now (kind of an oxy-moron). Good luck...the MMJ laws here kind of suck. :(
  5. thanks very much for the information I noticed that everything didn't seem legit in the two I visited in oregon and I'm not lookin for hookups just advice.
  6. Hey man just go to cannabliss in Portland U WILL thank me
  7. How do you guys in Portland like it there? What are the positives and negatives both in general as well as in growing? Do the police live to fuck with the MMJ people there or are they cool as long as you're complying with the rules? Looking for a good medical place to move -- Portland is on the list of potential places.
  8. thanks bonghitter i will try to check that out oh and to sensimilla this is the medical state to be no questions asked very liberal dank state and if you make friends with a good grower he will hook you up cheap like 50 bucks for a half oscar of mostly popcorn nug if you make real good friends and the A plus dank is like 220 or less from a real good friend
  9. Been to quite a few, Cannabliss still has to be the best so far. Also does The Oregon Cannabis Cafe have a Bud Bar? Or Green Exchange?
  10. Looks like this is my first post on here. Weed is pretty good, I think it lists 16 dispensaries in the potland area. The only one I have been to is collective awakenings because I have a grower. There bud is average, the hash and wax are are very nice. Weed maps also has a smartphone/tablet app for you who have them. That's how I found my first "dispensary" here in Portland
  11. Yes yes yes, get to know some people, the grower I'm getting my medicine from let's me have some really high quality MK Ultra for 100 an ounce if I buy in quantity.
  12. nice. that's a good deal..was hopin for better ones from growers tho..
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    Good luck... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. yes dispensaries are allowed in Oregon. They are called wellbess centers,Collectives, Safe access points whatever yyour preferred word,its all the same thing. I recommend Tree House Collective, Collective Awakenings and a brand new one close to my home called The Green Remedy

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