any recipe for flavor add @ end of grow?

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  1. any of you have expereince with using flavor extract and if so what rate per gallon of what? im growing outdoors in 5 gal grow bag using fox farm happy frog and right now using peace of mind fert. i was thinking maybe some pineapple juice right before harvest but im new and never done a outdoor grow start to finish so im a virgin! lol:hello:
  2. adding flavors to your weed is a gimmick. Dry it slow and let it cure, that is the only flavor enhancer you need.

  3. ^ this:smoke:
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    one way to enhance the aroma of the weed itself is to add unsulphured molasses (1-2 tablesponns per gal, shake well to dilute properly) over the second half of flowering and even into the flush, i find it helps pack on trichs and thickens and enhances the strain's natural scent :D

    a good dry and cure also go a long way there :smoke:

    the best point to add specific aromas is after the final flush, about 2-3 hours before harvest when they're a little parched, since you're going to chop the plant afterwards anyways it doesn't matter if it would take harm... so you can use anything you like, really... organic fruit juices being the safest choice there imo... but it really is a gimmick ;)
  5. why would anyone want to flavor weed? weed is the best flavor already.
  6. If you want special flavor the only ways i have seen is either a bud spray for your buds to give them a flavor, grape, watermelon etc. or the best way....choose a strain that has the flavor you want. vhocolate, blueberry, pinapple, rose, whatever. if it sounds like it would taste good look for it online, i bet that flavor is out there. This shit has been cultivated longer than corn has existed.

    Wouldn't that be cool though. to flavor shwagweed to sell it as kusk for kush prices? You would have some pissed customers when the high didn't come but you'd have a fat wallet.
  7. thats the same when people get ditch weed and spray it with 7up for the crystals.then through it in a bag full of orange peels to have a fruity smell. theres lots of gimmicks
  8. use a sweetener in your nute formula... it wont CHANGE the flavor of your bud but can enhance its aromatic properties. if you seriously want flavored buds just go buy some "tasty puff" flavor additive. the blueberry taste like blueberry, watermelon taste like watermelon, banana taste like banana.... willy wonka missed out on this i guess but ya thats the only way your really goin to be able to change the flavor to what you want while smoking bud, besides the flavor of the actual bud which you can influence but not change. as im hittin this sour afghan im wondering why anyone would ever want to change the flavor of bud. there are so many intoxicating aromas and tastes to choose from in the world of cannabis that it seems only the ignorant could think of such a malicious crime. but hey one guy on here is pissin in his nute formula so to each their own :D
  9. Just what both they said, Look for a sweetener, and also look at Cal-Mag.. That also will help the bud growth. It will ENHANCE. Not Change. ENHANCE :wave:
  10. and the schnazberries taste like schnazberries!

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