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Any Real Progress In Marijuana That Doesnt Increase Pain?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by burnban, May 26, 2013.

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    I started looking into this about four years ago, and it was a sick joke. Colorado was swamped with dispensaries, growers & "labs" (what a joke). I inquired with innumerable folks from all these industry sectors.  Nobody, not a proprietor, sales-chimp/pimp, "Lab" sales person or shifty chemist in a blazer, or a  grower, really knew anything useful about what they were pushing. It was all about sales. And since most consumers just wanted to get high, the rare lip-service paid to legitimate medical inquiry was almost total bullshit. It was beyond farce; it was insulting.
    Just being blunt, which is something this field could use in spades. "MMJ" people knew nothing of science or empiricism. Just a lot of bloviating about "Indica vs Sativa." The one dispensary in Denver that posted THC/ CBD numbers was not much help, either. Almost all product was super potent, and the very few listed as Low THC just  caused less pain. The simple fact that pot has been super-cultivated to deliver head-exploding highs for the last three decades, is glossed over at best, denied often. It's every bit as bad as talking to realtors hot to sell bad investments, or car salesmen peddling lemons. Maybe worse. 
    If this sounds accusatory, I'd tell anybody here, if this shoe doesn't fit you, don't wear it. If your heart is in the right place, and if you're using solid judgement, empiricism, and at least looking hard at SCIENCE, this isn't aimed at pissing you off.  I'm talking straight about real experience. 
    Fast forward to 2013, and I find just a few more inquiries, articles and buzz about strains that DO NOT stimulate pain pathways so as to open the floodgates of pain up the peripheral and central nervous system. This experiential phenomenon is long-recognized, if under-discussed. There is decent, unbiased research to show the histological evidence of the phenomenon in animals. I quit smoking twenty five years ago because MJ was causing me to be tense, and hypersensitive to pain. I know many people who feel the same. 
    I don't doubt that some, perhaps many, people respond well to rocket fuel pot re; pain relief. I  also know many people have paradoxical and/ or mixed results. I am so sick of this sham of an industry being driven by stoners selling pot to stoners, and holding a few people with MS or cancer up on pedestals, touting these poor people as the reason/justification for being in business. It's slimy enough to make one PUKE. I don't care who gets high, or why; more power to them. Not my concern.
    Anybody at all have some real handle on MJ that's been bred backwards toward tame weed, that doesn't blow your head off, and make you achy, tense, and hypersensitive to every ache and pain that  your nerves can register?  Anyone know of real-world product that is available? Indica -vs-Sativa says nothing. I used my legally obtained product to make tinctures, smoke, etc., and I looked at everything on offer in a state swamped with tons of weed. That simple talk of Indicas being the ones for pain,is erroneous.  Even the tossing around of THC vs CBD,  gets silly.  nearly 100% of such talk is second/third hand repetition of something someone read in a brochure from a "lab,", saw in a forum, or perused in an article that was copied from another article.  
    Any real progress yet? Are benign strains HERE yet? Where? Any good research, ie; not anecdotes?
    BTW, I'm about ingestion, not smoking. All cancer conundrums aside, smoke = drastically increased risk and incidence of bronchitis, which is anything but healthy. Anybody arguing otherwise is living a fantasy, to be followed by pulmonary problems. It may be fun and taste good, but COPD is in the works for many, if it goes on half a lifetime.
    Any informed, sane responses about the availability of effective MMJ are really appreciated. 
    Bitter much? SURE! So no need to go there.

  2. sounds like you want weed that doesn't get you hi or that helps curve pain? yes there are strains with no thc,cbd's. they are good for making rope or clothes. they are very fiberous plants and get very large. all marijuana has different affects. some better than others for certain things. look at cannabis under strains. they break down strains pretty well. indica vs.sativa? well we could go on for ever. i haven't heard of reefer making anyone super sensitive to pain.  also look at this article it came from a magazine put out by i believe kaiser permanente? the article is from dr. donald i. abrams,md.  magazine is the pain practioner volumne 20, number 4/winter 2010. it really breaks down the chemical/components in marijuana. and it is from a licenced doc. i hope you find what you are looking for, my friend. and if you don't like smoking ever tried vaporizing? research it. 
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    Strain is irrelevant.  To treat pain the plant rosins must be applied to the site of the pain.  The easiest way is a tincture or infused oil.  If getting buzzed is part of therapy decarboxylate somewhere in the process if you don't want the buzz don't decarboxylate it will still treat pain.  If you read medical litterateur this will get you started:
    I see 2857 articles on the short list.  If you don't read medical research then your mind is made up any way and you can read what you want. 
    Usually this is the long list but this time it is shorter, feel free to browse:
    It all works better with exercise.  I recommend Yoga, or any form of Qigong including Taijiquan as a part of the healing.  I practice Qigong including Taijiquan my self.
  4. It's true it causes pain in some people, every time my wife try's and edible or smoke her back starts hurting and sometimes her wrist.  So she rarely partakes.  The guy at my local dispensary knew all about this and was very straight up and knowledgeable he said strain will prob make no difference it just depends on the individual.  It's pretty much the same for any drug they can all effect people in different ways.
  5. If I smoke very strong indica dominant strains I feel some pretty good pain relief. I'll wake up with back pains occasionally and they get better if I smoke some Bubba Kush or Grand Daddy Purple. 
    Check out <a href=""> </a>
    Awesome site, tells you the effects/pros/cons of tons of strains. 

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