Any Pittsburgh Tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by high_on_life, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Whats up guys? I was just wondering if there is any one from Pittsburgh on this forum that knows where to get some good bud, i have alot of good connections but its gone really dry around where i live..
  2. yes, and i must say it sucks because there is not one fucking headshop, do you know of any IN pittsburgh?
  3. i do not believe there is any in the acutal city of Pittsburgh, but there is one called Benjamin Beatles in Beaver i think
  4. im from pittsburgh its been kinda dry but i still manage, dude u cant ask for hook ups
  5. I"m in indiana which is like an hour away and I can get named strains and mids
  6. should have read the rules. Peace!
  7. I'm in the burgh and I can't find anything either. I didn't realize that there were this many Pittsburgh tokers on the city though. We should all meet up and blow a blunt.
  8. I live near pittsburgh, and I just travel down to West Virginia to get my pipes. Naughty by Nature in weirton is great.. and around that is another shop to but I forget the name

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