Any Parrot-Heads?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by joshy, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Just wondering if there are any other Jimmy Buffett fans lurking around here. Nothing is better when you get a group of drunks together to sing Margaritaville lol.
  2. in fact, phishhead & i went to a concert of his last thursday here in california. it was a blast :D we went with my parents, who are big parrot-heads too. woohoo!
  3. That had to kick ass ganjaphish, I would kill to see Jimmy in concert, but he has'nt been to North Carolina in about 3 years, and the last time he did come, the show sold out in under an hour so I could'nt get a ticket :(
  4. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins to the left! fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins to the right! buffett! ha! everytime I try to get to a concert *something* happens. lol, either I try to late to get the tix or something comes up. arg! but any other concert (bands ive seen more than once of course) tickets are practically handed to me. well compared to getting jimmy tickets. Id love to see him!! ganj, Im jealous! btw..good to see you round again! ;)
  5. i've been listening to buffet forever now. there's not one song that you can't sing along with. i've been on a great many voyages with mr. buffet....

    ganja~ you lucky duck!!!! i hope it was as great as i imagine :)
  6. it was better than i could have imagined! i went w/ my parents, who are big parrot-heads and they're usually conservative so it was weird/awesome to rock out with my mom and dad.

    i wish he did 2 shows, i would have gone. the tailgate party (HUGE) in the parking lot was insane as it was, unfortunately we missed most of it because we had to work.

    but as we drove up, it was like entering a whole different world.

    i hope he comes by ya'all soon! i hope he comes back here too!

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