Any pantheists here?

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    While I was raised Jewish, I've been agnostic for most of my life. For the past few years, especially since I've been smoking cannabis, I've been trying to find my "spiritual path" so to speak. Recently, I read Alan Watts's "The Nature of Consciousness" (The Nature Of Consciousness - definitely recommended if you've never read it), and I really enjoy his ideas of pantheism. It definitely feels logical to me, and it's a nice way to look at the world. After doing some research though, it's been criticized, called sexed-up atheism, etc. As much as I dislike organized religion, it was interesting to me that they also have an organization of pantheists. I went on the website ( and something about it felt kind of cult-like, but I'm not sure. What do you think? Anyone a pantheist? And anyone been through a "spiritual journey" and come out anywhere specific?
  2. Pantheism is nice and I usually will pull a "If I HAD to call myself something, I'd do pantheism" to people who prod me for a religion.

    I don't really require a title. Pantheism to me is most like Taoism but there is no sacred texts with artistic languages for it.

    To me, Pantheism is a start but it doesn't satisfy me in terms of detail (which is probably a good thing). In most religions you have teachings that teach you EVERYTHING there is to know. When a religion takes on so much weight, you know it can't get everything right.

    Pantheism isn't really a religion to me for this reason...more of a early paradigm with which you have much to fill in from knowledge gained from your spiritual experiences and others spiritual experiences.

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