any over the counter flowering nutes?

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  1. hi and thanks for looking... we have a freind that needs help but scared to ask for fear of getting caught. we see tiger bloom is the highest recomended but no one close seems to sell those kinds of specialty solutions. its a small closet grow, all cfls, 15 from bagseeds, one nug ,mostly middies, in 2 gal pots,mg organic mixed with mg potting soil, all are 8" to 18" inch just starting 12/12 trying to flower.some are showing pres we think, shes hoping for half female to have 6 to 8 flowering girls we have read numorous posts and thanks firstly for sharing all your well earned knowledge here!!! best website ever! there are no grow supply stores near, only walmart, depot and such and she needs nutes for flowering, so far has epsum salts, molases from what we have read seem to help at this stage, and using mg bloom booster 15-30-15. and ordering of the net is not an option, so any known commonly available formulas, or any advice to help him or her would be greatly appreciated...thanks for reading my ramble...
  2. The MG will do it. Just dont over do it
  3. cool thanks for the reply, heard everyone down mg, so curious why. if it is lacking anything can it be made up for by adding anything else.
  4. people down the regular MG cause it has time release nutrients that often result in lots of problems. I've read MG Organic is okay since it doesn't have the time release nuts. Not really sure about Bloom Booster.
  5. be sure to flush the last week or two because MG will give you buds a bad taste as will most chemical ferts.
  6. some are mixed, put some in all organic, some in reg mg. the mixed soil seems to have the best overall growth. the only trouble so far are some yellowing of the very bottom leaves. researching that now. and thanks for the tip on the rinse, drill holes in the bottom of the pots and water 3 times as much as the soil i think a few times starting 10 days before chopping if im correct...seems like a sin to say chop when refering to the girls
  7. you shouldn't have to drill holes to flush they should already be there throughout the entire grow.
  8. um yeah this is why im here lol um yeah there will be holes in a few mins, well the containers had little raised area in the bottom center, i assume that was a water catching area lol
  9. yea id second that its very important, there should already be plenty of drainage holes in the bottom
  10. Glad to help! You want to make sure your pots drain well because you dont want root rot.
  11. thanks alot guys, learn something everyday. should i overwater and leach the soil since this hasnt been done yet, 7 weeks in so far, started 12/12 2 days ago
  12. I don't know 7 weeks is a long time. If they look healthy then no. I would let the pots dry out real good. And maybe not give any ferts for a while just plain water for a couple of waterings.
  13. ok, thanks again. ive always been cautious to not overwater, they get aprox a half cup evry 2 days, soil has stayed consistantly a tad on the dry side on the moisture probe. def some are much healthier looking than others. a couple have curling under fan leaves, twisting new growth, but most look pretty good for the ghetto rig. ie clamp lights hanging from belts lol. wish i could post pics im sure u guys could fix the donts right away. but all advice is very much appreciated. thanks
  14. When watering I find the best way is to soak the soil real good so there is no dry pockets and then let the soil dry for as long as it takes. This lets the roots grow all the way to the bottom and fill the pot. Root health is essential. Dont give fert. every time you water give it some plain water in between. this prevents salts from building up in the soil.
  15. cool a couple plain waterings covering all the soil, thanks man. i put one in a clear container to see root stimulation and wow. the roots lined the bottom of the 3 litre container in a few days. shes still doing good, gives me some insight as to when all will need watering too. still cant unlock the curling twisting thing, some say under or overwater, some says its a def. of nitrogen. and now im seeing it could even be the rot u mentioned, not sure what to do bout that, or if to do anything
  16. twisted new growth could be a PH problem but it's very hard for people to help with no pics, might end up thinking its 1 thing when its another
  17. thanks mills, good call, flipped the meter to ph and damn over 7. any quick fixes?
  18. always happy to help, im not to sure on a quick fix as such, some people say to use house hold products to up & lower the ph things like vinegar,bakeing soda, lemon juice, somethings like that can work but they also can cause alot of problems later down the road plus they dont really last long at sorting ur ph if atall, id say dont worrie just try & get some ph down in the next day or 2, thats what id do just hold out from adding household products & get a bottle of PH down it only cost few quid or dollars & another day aint going hurt them
  19. sound advice, hit the aqaurium store in the am and get it, water with it tomorow, much appreciated man. funny how much u think u know when u read all u can, then when its in front of you, reality sucks . i thought things would be fun, didnt know id grow to love watching growth so much. what a hobby
  20. yea it is very addictive lol once u have a few of the basics down ur be set, & soon things will just become second nature like PH-ing ur water/nute mix etc, im still quite a new grower & i dont think i know that much but i try lol:) hope things work out ok, update here or something if u want or need any more advice

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