Any other musicians here?

Discussion in 'General' started by maestroelite, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Just curious, since notoriusly musicians are stereotypically associated with weed and drugs.

    I'm a woodwind guy. Mostly get gigs on my bari sax/bass clarinet, but i also play soprano/alto/tenor sax, clarinet and flute. My passion is still my bari though. Tenor solos are nice to woo the ladies though...
  2. harmonica, banjo, guitar, saxophone.

    im only proud of my harp playing abilities though.
  3. I played lead guitar in a metal band for a few years, then played the drums for a reggae/rock band for awhile. Mostly stick to guitar now, all genres
  4. i play a mean tambourine.
  5. Hmm, I play Drums (My Strongpoint) Bass, and some Guitar.
    I like to mess around on the Piano/keyboards too. :p

    But I totally own on the Cowbell...and triangle!

  6. i need more cowbell.

    edit: fuck i missed my 1000 post mark. i missed my 420 post mark too. im just not gonna pay attention anymore.
  7. i got a feva(fever) and the only perscription for it is more cow bell!
    (correct me if im wrong)
  8. i've been playing drums for about 7 years and just started learning some basic acoustic guitar.

    im a rock drummer but can play almost everything like jazz, punk, metal, snare rudiments. weird stuff like latin too. I usually play to Iron Maiden and Ozzy.

    one of my bands also won the huge battle of the bands and got a CD made.
  9. good thing you learned drums first. youre timing is gonna be sweet once you get better on guitar.
  10. :smoke: Sax and vocals, "Mill Creek Blues Band". Blues,Oldies,Classic Rock,C&W,our originals are a mix of the aforementioned.:cool: :smoke:

    Got a gig on 4/20!! Tokin' and Rockin' favorite mix!!!:smoke: :D
  11. I play bass, any genre you throw at me, and I can sing anything that isn't too high in tone. I actually started playing bass because i wanted to play bass, i love the shit, then about a month after i started playing i did drugs for the first time. first drug i ever did was DXM. did that for a couple months then i smoked pot for the first time. no real reason as to why i didnt smoke any ganja before, the oppertunity just never came up
  12. yep. bassist for 7 years now. damn, went by fast....anyways, didn't try pot til my 6th year somehow. Amazing, i know. I like to dabble in a little bit of every genre...right now i'm loving victor wooten and DMB. Bela Fleck is sick when ur ripped too. just listen to sinister minister while ripped and it'll blow your mind!! :smoke:
  13. Violin for 8 years, piano for 5, guitar and bass for 6. Bass is my specialty. I started playing violin when i was 2 and thats what really gave me the love that i have for music now. I hate the violin and i hate classical but it introduced me to music pretty nicely.
  14. viola (2 years) , violin (11 years), guitar (3 years)
  15. you can download a low quality version of my bands CD here..

    Concrete Vinyl

    it's nothing too crazy and amazing. but it won us the battle of the bands, and we got the CD for that.

    im on drums.
  16. Clarinet (12 years total...but took a 2 year break cus of a shitty former teacher here at my school), Tenor Sax (2 yrs in HS...LOVE playing it but don't own one :( , i was pretty beast tho, hopefully i can pick one up when i graduate), Baritone Horn (2 yrs in HS and 3 in college marching band). Love me some music!

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