Any other guys NOT into banging every chick they can?

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  1. I'm just curious if I'm alone in this...Most of my friends always go out trying to hook up with or fuck random chicks, but it just doesn't appeal to me. Sex to me sucks without a strong emotional connection in addition to a physical attraction. I've been led to believe this is generally a thought possessed by women only (and not all of them)....are there any other guys like this or is this just as weird as I've been told it is?
  2. To be honest... I'm right there with you.
    I'm 22 and iv had sex with two people. First time was a one night stand with a real hoe... Didn't like her and didn't like it.

    Only other person is the girl that recently broke my heart. I never cheated or anything...

    To be honest tho, I think this girl changed me a bit. Im not going to start fucking any chick I can... But I sure would like to find a cool stoner chick to be a fuck buddy... Someone to chill with and fuck. Iono...

    But I understand what you mean man...
  3. im with you guys on this one!
    i visited my friend who lives across the states from me, and he was all about banging chicks. or so it seemed... i dont get down like that though, it just doesnt seem all that awsome:confused:. (to bang every chick i meet lol, so to speak.)
  4. yes and no.

    if some random hottie wanted to jump my cock, I will let her do so.

    But that's not my main mission in life haha
  5. I don't find girls attractive in a sexual way unless i've become close to them emotionally also. It just doesn't seem appealing to go for random chicks that just wanna hook-up, where's the passion in that?
  6. Not that I'm not into it I just don't care enough about sex w/ randoms to put the effort in
  7. yea its not my thing
  8. LMAO, random hookups fuckin rock. I can have meaningful lovemaking, or just casual sex. It's not just one or the other.
  9. actually im agree'ing with this post haha, sounds more appropriate to the road i follow in life :rolleyes::p
  10. I only like sex with an emotional bond. The one time I did have sex with a girl without any intent to date her, we dated anyways.

    It just needs to be intimate.
  11. Me, I'm getting older and actually looking to start a relationship. Weird, when I was 18, I just wanted to bang every girl I could.
  12. im right there with ya man, i screwed around a little when i was younger but quickly got over that. i for one would like to remain STD and child free:hello:
  13. i agree that as you get older, it becomes less appealing, BUT if you're not in a relationship and you have an opportunity to have some NSA sex, why the fuck not? I'm 24 and i've been with 10 girls in my life. my current gf and i have been together for about a yr and a half and she was my "double digit" (no. 10). And i gotta tell you when i was younger, and kinda looking back at it all there is only one girl i regret having sex with bc of all the bullshit that followed. But every single "Random" hookup i had was great, and it just adds to your overall experience in life, and sex life.

    Now it might not be for everyone and i totally understand and respect everyone who says that it's not for them.
  14. I've been with a girl 10 months and I care about her very much but at the same time I find myself masturbating to porn virtually every day so obviously I am caining for a bit of diverse sex, but would never cheat because I like my girl too much. But at the same time Im a horny motherfucker and don't think of her when I masturbate, because I get the real thing.

    I don't know, when Im single again I want to get a few more nothces on my bedpost but definitely don't want to be 'banging every chick I see.'
  15. Glad to see that there are a few other blades here that share my views. I'm not trying to say I've never randomly hooked up with girls or that I've never enjoyed it, but in general, it just doesn't work for me. I guess I'd just rather be with one girl than exploring others
  16. This. I can make small talk or flirt or whatever, but I don't go out of my way to have sex with random girls. If it happens, it happens.

    But if a hot girl makes moves on me I don't care, show me the money.
  17. Wow! I'm a chick and I must say, I'm impressed with most of these responses...:)
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    thanks. Wanna cyber?

  19. lol...;)

    For real, though...quite the bunch of gentlemen here on GC...might be another story when school lets out, though :rolleyes:
  20. I dunno it has always been fun to be like. "Hey bro I bet I can tap that in 2 hours" and then try to actually pull it off... You feel like the man if you can manage.

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