Any one on the Paleo Diet???

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  1. I just started this Paleo Diet today, I was wondering if anyone else has tried or heard of it. The vid explains the jist of it.

    [ame=""]A Longer Leaner Life[/ame]
  2. No thankyou. I like chocolate and beer too much.
  3. they criticize the food pyramid while supplying you with a pyramid of their own design?
  4. If you look closer, the food pyramid has a bunch of junk food and everyday stuff in it. I image it's the wheat is the big beef is with. I heard the American Food Pyramid is payed for by the board of agriculture. So slightly bias.
  5. fuck pyramids, just eat delicious foods
  6. The only things I eat consist of meat, wheat and vegetables.. I don't need a pyrmaid to tell me what to eat.
  7. Didn't early humans only live about 30 years tops?

    Also those ancient people didn't have all those suppliments, but they are still required? This sounds like a fad diet to me
  8. Starting this today along with intense cardio and restince training to lose some weight.
  9. I'm on this diet where I eat different size meals depending on what I'm gonna do. If I am gonna lounge around all day I won't eat as much and eat less protein and carbs. I eat more of that when I want to or when I need energy...and more fruit and veggies compared to meats dairy and grain products
  10. or you can just work out and eat whatever you want
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    this is a fad diet like every other diet thats popularized and then slowly fades into obscurity. yes, it's a viable diet (albeit expensive with all the fresh ingredients) but so is just about anything else. they base it on the idea that the western civilzations diet is conducive to diabetes and heart disease and all that. these diseases are a result of lack of exercise and simple nutritional observation. fact of the matter is: you eat below your basal metabolic rate and you will lose weight (not necessarily fat, could be your muscles catabolizing), eat above your bmr and you will gain weight. the general population could care less what they feed themselves with and what amount. downing a bunch of corn syrup laden food, as research has shown us countless times, does coorelate with increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. our gastrointestinal systems have come a long way and can endure alot of stress and various foods. work out and eat smart. that's it.

    also, if you want to live a longer life, caloric restriction is one of the top things you can do. you'll be skinny and probably weaker that most but at least you can live to 100 and let people wipe your ass.
  12. Want to lose weight? Stop eating taco bell after binge drinking over the weekend and actually go jogging.. Seriously it isn't that hard. Exercise and stop eating so much and feel free to actually read the back of your food items..

  13. Lol none of my food is processed.

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