Any one know if this will work?

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  1. Im going to be setting up my first legit box i was going to go with cfls to save money and such my measurements for the box are 4' high 3' wide by 2' umm deep i geuss im thinking of throwing in 4 30 watt cfls putting out about 8000 lumens and then about 4 13 watt black light cfls just for a boost ( supposedly helps) and of course im going to be finding the shiniest stuff possible to line my box so does this sound like enough out put for like 2 plants?
  2. how do you figure that blacklights "supposedly helps"? if anything, the pure uv lights will damage your plants. there is also a huge difference between shiny and reflective. flat white paint is by no means shiney. it is however highly reflective for light and this is what you want. you can use mirrors if you want your plants to see themselves. don't do much for light though.

    these 4 30 watt cfl will work for a single plant. read the guides especially the CFL guide. it's sticky and it's important. right now you seem to think ghat babies come from pelicans. well it's more complicated than that.
  3. As far as the black lights ive done a bit of checking ive heard your argument but then at the same time ive seen people come back with pics of their grows
    Also though being slightly insulting did not help at all thats for answering my main question about the output iv seeing some people saying a min of 10000 lumens per plant but then alot of people calling them wasteful d bags id really love it if us stonners could get our shit strait lol
  4. minimum lumen is 5000. it's actually 3000 for absolute minimum. but with cfl you will loose lumens so fast that 5000 from the light can easily be only 3000 going to your plant. generally you want 100w of CFL per plant. I would avoid anything less than 26w per bulb. 4x 6500k @. 26 watt each = 6400 lumens. 4x 2700k @ 26 watt = 6900 lumens for flower. This is a good setup. still, more light always gives greater yield. I use 4 per plant myself. you can see all this in my journal and gallery.
  5. Alright in addition i for got yo say im going to be rigging a pully system for the board the lights will be on fo i can gradualy raise it with plant growth to keep my lumens per sq foot down

    So ru saying i should just swithch out the black lights for just a few more cfls
    Also u say mirror doents do anything for trapung light i personaly disagree but what then is better alum foil shiny side out or that funky plastic stuff that supposedly traps light like a mofo
  6. Also could u throw up a link gor that journal i cant find it
  7. you could always try that link in my signature.
  8. Yea i figuered that out but um yea ur grow was really really open u loose a shit ton of lumens that way because mines goung to be in a box itll have alot more lumens per sq foot wich is what matters
  9. a 250 hps costs about 7 bucks month. It's not a big deal. You'll save 3 dollars a month by switching to cfl's and they won't make as nice of bud. You'll also spend more money on average to get the equivalent lighting, and that includes a cool tube with the 250w hps.

    6 t5 setup was 250 (i buy nice equipment)
    a 250w cool tube setup was 200-250 and that came with a 5 year warranty on a lumatek dual bulb ballast, 2 bulbs, socket, and a home built cool tube kit.

    It even runs cooler. I can maintain a 10" distance from the bulb keep 78 degrees at the tops of the plants, and doubled my lumens at the top and even at the bottom.
  10. ps, my box is only 4' as well. do a SCROGG or SOG setup. You can easily search both those terms with full guide results.

    My moto after making many costly mistakes became, "Taylor you grow the the light"

    Lights are probably the most important investment if you are growing. Don't cut them short unless you have no other options.

    clf's aren't bad, but you really need T5 HO to get close to what most people want.

  11. Yes but my biggest point is in all this can u do this for under 100 bucks cuz the cfl set up im going to make cost roughy 60 bucks and puts out 20800 lumens (thats now 13 20 watt cfls sucking 260 watts) and it dosnt need a balast or any other pricey shit its ghetto fab lol

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