any one from south jersey

Discussion in 'General' started by fpoot666, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. im new here from south jersey about 45 south of philly just saying hi to all the fellow tokers
  2. are you in wildwood?
  3. harrisburg reprezenta:cool:
  4. nah about half hour from there i was actually in wildwood last night though
  5. i live in DE newark to be exact. not far from jersey if i hop on 95
  6. yea sometimes i go to de to get my smokes cause the ciggs here cost alot
  7. Yup, south jersey here. A small town about 5 miles west of Atlantic City.

  8. where at? i went to EHT HS then moved to gway and im in school in philly
  9. Maple Shade here. My profile says Cherry Hill cause no one knows Maple Shade.
  10. ive heard of maple shade b4 i used to have a ex girlfreind that lived in collinswood so
  11. lets all pitchin a g of dank and rollup a blunt:hello:
  12. Cape May here
  13. glouster count, SJ! YEA!
  14. Burlington county represent.
  15. thats cool i used to live in burlington county, near like RV highschool haha
  16. A friend of mine goes to RV high. I don't exactly live in burlington county I'm about two towns over, I just don't ever post my real location on the intrawebz.
  17. i gave you some rep, you got an AIM? your thing says 'askme' and i actually put that in aha
  18. Rofl I put askme in there so I don't have random people Im'ing me. But yea I do.

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