any one else want it to snow already

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. basikly already asked the question

    i am depressed that it isnt snowing yet lol i want snow so fucking bad

    how bout u blades?
  2. I live in the northwest....It doesnt snow till january soo...I got some time here....

    David, I love how your a grim reaper...
    Sorry I am spacing out....
  3. Snow doesnt exist here
  4. It just started getting cold around here and I hate it.
    The snow is cool.. it's just everything that comes with it. Driving on ice blows. Having to walk around with sub-zero (FINISH HIM!) temperatures hitting you in the face. I'd rather sweat my ass off lol

  5. Same.
    It's feeling like it might be an extra cold winter, though. Maybe we'll get some snow early. :D

    Sadly, I got new tires for my Jeep last year and they're uhh.. well... more pussy than my last tires. :p
    I'm thinking I might need to get some chains or something before I indulge in my usual "romp around in the snow" sessions.
  6. Normally i cant wait for the snow, But with Michigans new 'No Smoking Ban' as of last April, Im dreading it. Because i used to be able to chill in the smoking break room at work and relax, Have the TV on, People to conversate with and enjoy a break/lunch.

    Now we have to go outside and walk a bit of a distance, Which was no problem until the last couple weeks.

    I didnt mind going to my car on lunch, Bumping some music n relaxing.

    But yesterday and some of today it was cold, And then windy and RAINING, That shiet was miserable. Going outside trying to relieve stress and getting a headache doing so.

    For that reason, Im not looking forward to it.

  7. I definitely hear that.

    They've had smoking bans in place here for years now though, so I guess I'm getting pretty used to it.

    Have they banned smoking in bars there, yet?
    That one really irked me. :poke:
  8. They had that up when I was in Chicago. I only went out because it was either that, or stand around talking to customers
  9. It aint Canada without snow... bring it on
  10. New York in the winter. I would rather be waterboarded.
  11. I went to Canada once. Didnt snow the entire time I was there. I almost broke my arm because the slopes were pure ice. I took snowboarding lessons for that trip...what a waste.
  12. my vehicle has no climate controls so fuck any season thats not summer this is gonna be a tough winter
  13. ....or perhaps, snowboarded. :cool:
  14. it doesn't snow here in southern california but i can't wait for the rain! i want to go frolic in the puddles :smoke:

  15. all good lol =] not the grim reaper btw (yet) but i hope to become him one day lol

    dude part of the reason i want to move to new york for when it snows i hear it is fuckin awesome there:smoke:

    an thanks for all the replys i am really suprised that so many people like the summer more then the winter blazing in the winter is pure euphoria:smoke:
  16. The ban, Banned everything. I have a close homie of mine whos a vet, ANd the fucking veteran clubs have a no smoking ban. Thats a crock of bullshiet period.

    We used to be able to smoke freely, I mean we couldnt smoke in say grocery stores. But id walk into a gas station around the corner from me smoking. Bars, Resturants ect we could smoke. Places of work ect. We had a tiny room the size of a jail cell of a break room and we'd crowd the shiet out of it clam-baking it with tobacco because its a huge store with many smokers. But now its just bullshiet.

    We cant smoke anywhere, Its a fine of something like $100 if you get caught smoking within 20-50 feet outside of a building, Im not sure on either but its a fine of something like that, And its a decent payment fine. Its just bullshiet. I mean i smoke Black N Milds, So i smoke either wood tips or plastic tips, I got chewed out for having plastic tips in the parking lot, I explained to dude WE HAVE NO FUCING ASHTRAYS.

    We can basically only smoke within a certain distance of any bussiness. 20 feet i want to say, But we have to walk a good 100 feet for out 'desigintated' smoking area which happens to be right where people park, So you'll be smoking and we'll have people basically running into us, Ive had cars come as close as 6 inches from running into me in our supposive smoking area.

    Thats what im worried about, Ive thought of quitting because fuck this bullshiet, Cuz soon ima have to stand in 2 feet of snow n below freezing weather to 'relax'.

    But ive thought what am i gon do? Im talking of quiting smoking to not go out in the cold, But i have nowhere to go. Its a lose-lose situation.
  17. Snow and cold temperatures do my body no good. I get ear infections real easily, my skin and scalp go dry fast, I'm pretty much a hot weather person. But I still love the cold in a weird way, I guess it's the holiday season; it makes me excited, even though I don't celebrate it. :eek:
  18. Canada is sorry :(
  19. omg dude u just mentiond the best part =] i have never blazed b4 christmass but i am sure it gives u a complete euphoric feeling because its already like ur high in the holiday seasons:smoke:
  20. Snow means boarding so YES!!!! cant wait to shred the back country!

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