any one else notice an increse in police activity

Discussion in 'General' started by addict, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. i live in michigan and around my town we used to just have a couple cops out at a time but now there are like 5 or 6 different crusers in my small town and it sucks becasue we are the biggest town in my county the state and county are stationed in my town to

    i was told today that granhome (our governer) passed a law requiering each officer to wright 50 tickets a month
  2. Wow that fucked up, I hope the person who told you was full of sh*t,
    Otherwise id prepair to get hastled alot.
  3. yea i do to but i belive it they are setting up speed traps and the different departments are working togeather also our states so so poor i wouldent dought if they had to wright tickets to make money
  4. I live in California where the budget cutbacks are actually taking cops off the street.
  5. thats what i would have thought with michigan but granholm in all her wisdome is taking money from the schools and giving it to the police

  6. Quotas are illegal (thank God), so thats just a rumor. I work at as a gas station clerk which is also a police substation because they get free drinks and stuff. I talk to cops all the time and I've asked them all the questions..

    I live in an upperclass suburb and the extent of the crimes here are speeding soccer moms, noisy teenagers, and an occasionaly DWI. However, the number of police grew by a lot a two or three years ago. Unfortunately, it was right when I got my license and bored cops tend to hassle teens. My job got me out of a lot of stuff, be my friends werent so lucky. Lots of speeding tickets and MIPs. It seems like there are a lot less now, and I havent even been pulled over since the year I got my license.
  7. This past week I've noticed a lot more cops out.
  8. I've noticed a lot more cops here in SLC the past few weeks, but it's generally like this every year about this time. Everybody is out of school, there are a lot more people running around the city, and generally more crime.

  9. Yup yup.

    Lots of desk job employees had to be let go, so in order to make up for the loss they re-assigned many patrol officers to those desk jobs. This equates approx. to losing 2 squad cars per every police station in Los Angeles.
  10. I'm in Michigan too, but where I'm at, we ain't got no cops at all....we have to call the county Sherriff's if we need them....but, I think right now, a lot of cops are out and about because of all the graduation parties going on
  11. im from minnesota, and they just hired like 9 new officers in my city or some bullshit like that.
    Whenever i leave my place i always spy cops creepin around my neighborhood.

    Oh and i believe cops in my town have to write 200 tickets a month or something...ridiculous

  12. im in southern utah, and it's the same here.
  13. west palm beach.... crawls with cops at all moments of time... it cannot fit an increase
  14. Where in michigan you at? Im up in the U.P. and the po-lice are always fuckin ridiculous... local, sheriff, and state are everywhere.. not to mention UPSET. (fucking narcotics team)
  15. Ya actually I was just talking about this with my friends. It seems like there are a lot more out in the past month or so.
  16. nope

    cops are doing the same bs as usual

    except the new-ish police chief started ramping up foot patrol

    not in my neighborhood, though!

  17. lol this is rich, of course they're "illegal" but as soon as you go to court and ask a cop whether or not his performance is affected by the number of tickets he writes watch him start sweating bullets
  18. Here in Broward county, they just layed off almost 200 cops, even though it seems like I see just as many around:confused:
  19. way more activity in my area, a freshman hs girl od'd on pills and drinking and died, and in white suburbia all the parents shit there pants over this and like blame the cops and stuff, so schools started doing searches, way more cops out..

  20. I've seen no such increase in cops... except for the "special training" their receiving for when the hells angels come cruising through town... ugh... what a retarded place.

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