any negatives to ladybugs?

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  1. i.e lady bug shit in ur buds
  2. i've had a bud that had a ladybug inside of it and i think what happend was that i died and the bud grew around it and somehow i was the unlucky guy that got that bud
  3. You actually want ladybugs. They prevent spider mites.

  4. i kno that but theres pros and cons to everything, i was just wondering how serious the cons were
  5. They are Awesome .. .. lol .. .. ;)
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    Put them in at the beginning of the dark cycle, spray them with a little coke cola to glue there wings shut so when the light comes on they can't Kamikaze dive it.
    Theres a specific breed that is black in color that is supposed to kick arse over the standard red ones.
    There good for a little maintenance but I started a similar topic and most responses were that predators can't over come a bad infestation, they don't eat fast enough.
    Predator mites I read do very well contrary to what I previously said.
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  7. Very true, the mites just breed too damn fast. The only prob with predator mites is they leave webs too, but they will eat the other mite

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