Any mustang or car guys??? advice and input needed.

Discussion in 'General' started by poodog313, Feb 14, 2009.

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    well, i dont expect much feedback on a pot forum, maybe ill have to check out a mustang forum.

    Long story short, I randomly got a call from a friend who said he has someone looking to buy my mustang cobra, its not for sale necessarily but I bought it last August to sell and make $$ off of, and givin its condition I know ill make money, I just want to know what some car enthusiasts would do or ask for this car.

    heres the car.


    Its a 1998, triple black Mustang Cobra Convertible with 20,500 miles. All original factory stock. Clean on the inside as it is on the out. Exceptionally meticulous.

    NADA book value is $13,000. I personally think i could sell it for more than blue book given its collectors status. Cobras for sale with this mileage are often advertised for sale @ $17,000 on the top end, and usually fall in-between 13-17, no questions. According to the 11yr old window sticker, this car sold for $30,000 new in 1998, and is basically in NEARLY NEW condition. As far as i know this car still has the same set of tires on it from 1998, it has been garaged all its life and been treated as a pleasure car. I am in love with it, but there are always nicer...faster...mustangs to be bought.

    so, any mustang or car guys??? if this was your car, what would you ask for this car, NOT WHAT YOU WOULD BUY IT FOR.

    again, I'm just looking for opinions feedback. I have a general idea of what I want for this car--and I am pretty much obsessed with these cars and look up classified ads on them on almost a daily bases lookin for deals.

    typin this up....makes me think eh...average of 13 & 17 is 15, I told the kid i wanted 14.5
  2. I know there are some stangers on here.....I know for a FACT there are cats on here with 05-09 GTs and ponies...I know theres gotta be a handful of sn95, and cobra owners on here......

    oh well if this dont get bumped no biggie..

    thanks anyways
  3. I've got the same car except its a '97, not a convertible, and has 33k miles. Personally I'd ask for $16,500 and take $15,000.
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    awesome dude...thats exactly what I was thinking, glad to see a cobra owner out there thats on the same page!!

    awfully fun cars am i right?? You got mods on yours?? post a pic if you got one homie
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    I have a 94' mustang, looks a lot like yours except it's not convertable. Blue Book value for the car is about $10,000-$12,000 but you could probably get around $15,000-$17,000 for it considering how well it's been taken care of.

    EDIT: Also a little tid bit about depreciation. After the first year the car loses 40% of it's value. The second year it loses 10%. Every year after that is about 5-10% depending on the make of the car. Also subtract the cost for anything that would need to be fixed. After you consider all of that you should have a reasonable asking price. Hope that helps.
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    hey yo thanks for the reply dude. Book prices take depreciation into consideration, but there is always alittle bit of residual (error) when taking into account low mile "collector" cars.

    for example, 1989 5.0 mustangs bluebook in excellent condition for like 1500-2000$ but you wont find a nice straight 5.0 for that, which makes me wonder, how much above book value id like to ask.

    I personlly had a 5.0 that sold for 5k$ even though it booked for half that. It was a cream puff!! HERES A PIC



    NEXT ON MY LIST....03-04 COBRA!!!
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    I have an 05 GT (hence the name). If you really want a good estimate visit the guys at and ask. I'd go with what the guy said before. Ask high sell low(er). I'd ask 16 settle for 15, no less than 14.5.
  8. I purchased my 2004 gt for 11,000 stock with 40,000 miles on it.
  9. sweet guys thanks for the all helped alot, just needed some reassurance.
  10. I want a terminator also ^^
  11. That tree in the background looks dank as hell.

    GDP maybe?
  12. The Mustang looks clean, has low miles, and is a cobra. You could get well over 13 in my opinion. But yeah everyone is right when they say ask ask a little high so you can haggle down. And sorry if i missed it, what kind of transmission does it have?
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    all cobras (1993+, im not sure about back in the day) come with a manual transmission, I have seen an 03-04 that had an automatic put in though, thats like the only cobra ive seen with an auto though.

    regardless, this dude CALLED ME about my cobra, which isnt really advertised for sale anyways, so I wont be haggling because the price i offered to sell it for is fair in my opinion, and well there are a shit ton of other cobras out there for sale that are totally ragged out and beat up for the same price( give or take a couple grand), he can go buy one of those for all i care.
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    because I opened my mouth first and spit out a price, which was a mistake in my opinion. I am going to put this car for sale in the local car classified ads for a couple grand more than I offered it to him for, just so I can see if i can get more for it.

    "hey sorry dude cuz it took you awhile to call me back about the car I went ahead and put it in the classified ads and have had a lot of calls about it (maybe BS, maybe not, who cares) and id like to go ahead and wait awhile to give others a chance to check it out and make offers before I accept to sell it to you, i appologize"

    I dont care if i blow a potential deal, my goal is not to sell the car, it is to make money in the process. the dude who told the kid interested in buyin the cobra is an old friend who had dicked around with me hardcore in the past when I was trying to sell that white pony up above, and hes kind of a cock.

    thats just how I am, I told him id take 14.5 for the car, but even if he comes up with the cash there is still a possibility i wont sell it If figure I can get more, even if its 500$. I Just dont want to settle on a price in which im unsure of, this cobra is my hard work and my long time aspiration and I want to be certain.

    You should see all the ragged out high mileage c4 vettes for sale in my area for 15k+...

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