Any Modest Mouse fans?

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  1. Been one of my favorite bands since December. The Lonesome Crowded West + The Moon and Antarctica are two of my favorite albums of all time. Their music is amazing to listen to stoned :smoking:
  2. I love modest mouse!! After listening to a lot of thier older albums I thought I'd never like the newer ones but they're growing on me.

    Isaac Brock is one hell of a song writer.
  3. They would be in my top 5 favorite bands if I had a top 5.
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    Yea I have always been a fan of Modest Mouse.

    Some favorites include..

    Trucker's Atlas
    Whale Song
    Heart Cooks Brain
    Convenient Parking
    Doin' the Cockroach

    They really do rock my socks off.
    And their guitars are always so trippy.
  5. Paper thin walls is my favorite
  6. lonesome crowded west and everywhere and his nasty parlor tricks are two of my favorite albums to listen to high
  7. other peoples lives seem much more interesting, cause they ain't mine..
  8. Who the hell isn't, and if you dislike Modest Mouse don't post, just leave.

    Trailer trash
    Talking shit about a pretty sunset
    Bankrupt on selling
    Custom Concern
    Parting of the sensory
    Float on

    To name but a few, listings kinda pointless we'd be at it forever, they're fucking immense.
  9. modest mouse is a favorite of mine and even turned my girl onto them. the musical arrangement is great and the vocal intensity cant be beat. my favorite album has to be Good News for People who Love Bad News with fav tracks being...well..the whole damn thing! awesome music..stoned or sober
  10. The goooood times are killing meee
  11. Best Modest Mouse song imo:

  12. Modest Mouse are definitely a favourite of mine. I also love Built to Spill, I consider them to be pretty similar in style.

    Lonesome Crowded West and Moon & Antarctica are obviously classic, but I also really love We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Some great tracks there, and more of a return to their older style from Good News (which I also like)
  13. My favorite band for sure.
    [ame=]YouTube - Lounge (Closing Time) - Modest Mouse[/ame]
    That middle section kills me.
  14. Love em!

    I once listened to Dramamine while trippin on DXM... it was amazing!
  15. Seeing them this summer at Summerfest. Gonna be sick!
  16. Actually this is the best one.

    [ame=]YouTube - Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs[/ame]
  17. North West Musik!!!:hello: listen to it 1st!!

    [ame=]YouTube - Blue Scholars - Inkwell (remix)[/ame]

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