any metal heads?

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  1. i have to admit im a metal head for life. i drum and my idol is vinnie paul from pantera (too bad theyre not together anymore).

    my favorite bands are

    children of bodom
    lamb of god
    shadows fall
    norma jean
    horse the band
    all that remains

    any other metal heads on GC?
  2. metal changed my life and i will never be the same again!
  3. Yes, metal is my passion.
    My favorites are,
    Black Dahlia Murder
    Veil of Maya
    The Faceless
    Iron Maiden
    and Vital Remains.
    In no particular order besides Deicide being my favorite.
  4. Pantera
    Alice In Chains
    Black Label Society
    Cannibal Corpse
  5. In Flames....Nuff said

    [ame=""]YouTube - In Flames - Zombie Inc[/ame]
  6. Try Amon Amarth on for size

    [ame=""]YouTube - Amon Amarth - "The Pursuit of Vikings"[/ame]
  7. extremem metal changed my perception on morality and reality as a whole, expecially burzum
  8. Hasn't this thread been down thousands of times so far? :p

    That said, I am an avid listener of heavy metal, especially stuff from the doom scene...
  9. Fuck yea!

    Currently I'm into,

  10. If you haven't yet, check out Pelican. :)

  11. Sweet, checking them out now.
  12. They are completely instrumental not that it should matter, but having Isis and Mastodon in your list should be enough to like them... :)

  13. Nah, man lyrics don't really matter to me. I'm loving it already from the few songs I have heard. Gunna be hard to get me off this current Mastodon obsession though.
  14. Madball is the sikest band there more hardcore than metal but w/e [ame=""]YouTube - Madball - We The People[/ame]
  15. wow im glad im not the only one! after you go metal, you really dont go back haha. i listened to some of the music yall posted up, it all sounds awesome, i really liked in flames alicedee. im gonna go download a bunch of yalls suggestions
  16. Win! Pelican is aight, they could certainly benefit from a better drummer though...
  17. Totally back in the 80's. A few shows (Amongst many, I was at)



    That Megadeth show was in '85. Supporting the first album.. at a small club/bar.

    I've seen Mastodon, High on Fire, ISIS and The Sword.. and think they've got some cool stuff. High on Fire is definitely a great current Metal band.. Especially live.

    You'd more than likely find me listening to something from the 70's before you'd see me listening to what I did in the 80's.. Man, It's been pretty well worn out.
  18. Sleep > High On Fire & OM combined! Oh how I miss them.
  19. Matt Pike is just fuckin' excellent. Seen High on Fire a few months back (Seen 'em for the "Blessed Black Wings" tour as well). I had given up on Metal long ago. Sorta' lost interest..
  20. I missed two chances to see High On Fire, have some Sleep, and might have some OM.

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