Any last minute tips for surviving basic training?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. First of all I'd like to thank all the helpful blades who gave great advice & helped me out.
    You have all been so helpful.
    This will be my last post.. so I apologize if I seem like an idiot troll..

    I leave to basic soon and was wondering if you blades had any last minute tips?

    & also, I'm not the best looking/ confident person.. im afraid to smile and im skinny, etc.
    I just think im a total loser.
    Would it be possible for me to somehow get "hot"?

    To be more specific: get a straight white smile, get tattoos, & gain muscle, learn how to talk to girls, & overall just be a better person?

    Serious answers only. Thanks in advance!
    - a shy dude with no confidence whatsoever

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  2. Your doing the right thing. You will be thrown into a mixture of other lads when you join the army.
    From shy/confident /good looking/ugly/fat/thin/popular/hated/hung/not so hung lol

    I predict you will come out the other side a better guy.@ the very least i bet you are more confident :)

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  3. I think this guy is a troll.

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  4. Braces, tattoo shops, workouts, talking to them, and drinking.

    Get it together son.
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  5. You build confidence by setting goals and achieving them, and having your achievements acknowledged by people around you.
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  6. Get tattoos girls love them least my girl. You gotta get some bad ass tattoos I have one inside my mouth that the ladies like

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  7. Stay low key and don't bring any attention to yourself
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  8. Getting a tat so girls will like you is dumb.
    Nothing sadder then a tatted up fake
    But my advice for bootcamp?? Don't ever ever ever give up or quit.
    Whatever differcult task impossible thing you face you can axheive. Just don't give up
    You are going to go threw shit that will test your inner strength everyday. Know that you are not the first or the last going though it and feeling the way you do. Tomorrow will be a new day.
    If you are going to defend your country you need to be strong. And you can do it, if you don't give up
  9. If you think you a total loser then you are. Don't think this way, you also seem to care too much about what people think of you. Only followers care if people like them.

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  10. One thing to remember is stay focus and do as they tell you to do, don't take it personal.
    They will try and break you down to see if you snap, but don't let them get to you.
    The Drill Sgt job is to weed out the bad seeds.
    The y break you down (of bad habits) teach you new ways (theirs) and make new men out of the old Build you back up.
    You will feel strong and proud when it is over dressed down in your blues.
  11. You're such a weak personality that they will break you and turn you into whatever egotistical deluded nationalistic low class soldier that they want yo to be. This is your last chance to turn back and start critically thinking about life for yourself. Don't sell out.

    -one of the guys about to be paying for your living.
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  12. Don't be a smart ass or you'll get your ass kicked a lot
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  13. My friend went thru it. He said crying helps ALOT they go easier on you

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  14. Get in the frame of mind that you are the fucking man. Attack boot camp hardcore, prove to yourself you are capable of overcoming your mind.

    Your mind will say 'i can't' 'im tired' etc. Let that motivate you to go further.

    Seriously before you leave focus your mind toward succeeding. Every night going to bed, think about what you accomplished and tell yourself tomorrow you will do better.

    Go kick some ass And report back here when you are done.

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  15. Don't be the fastest guy and don't be the slowest guy.
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  16. Just so you know...This is not going to end like you think it will.

    However you have it up in your head that it is going to end anyway, it isn't going to go like that at all. As I've said repeatedly in your repeated threads about pretty much the same fuckin' thing, you should have thought this through a fuckton more than whatever limited thought you put into it currently.

    You're about to be hating life a whole lot more.:coolalt:
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  17. Start running now, get to be a little in shape before you go, that was my biggest mistake. Do exactly what they tell you to do. If they tell you to scrub the floor with your toothbrush do it and don't be slick and try to use your neighbor's. If they tell you to iron your tshirts into 4 inch squares just DO IT. Try to stick in the middle, don't stick out too much but if that's impossible for you do your best at everything. You'll get out of it what you put in. Get the phrase "This sucks" out of your vocabulary. Good luck! The rest of your stuff will come with maturity, don't rush it so much. Holler if you need an ear.
  18. It's not a pick-up artist seminar, retard, you're signing a contract.

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