any irish growers

Discussion in 'General' started by spliffbazz, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. whats the story any irish growers on this forum

  2. I'm half Irish and lived there for nearly 5 years if that counts!

    Where abouts you from?
  3. liven in ofally countryside basically , were did you live.
  4. Lived in Urlingford In kilkenny near the Tipperary border.

    Then moved to wexford.
  5. have you many plants goin at the moment and what strain/s :smoking:

  6. im irish but i live in the states. i got 2 plants going. my friend gave me the seeds. told me it was some kind of chronic. i'll have to ask him again.
  7. I'm black Irish, if anyone knows what that is. No I'm not a black person whose Irish.
  8. im irish from Dublin i did grow skunk but stopped

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