Any interesting movies/documentaries?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Americandutchyz, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I swear I've exhausted every single stoner movie/documentary known to man. I guess I've come to the age where I've seen everything I want to see and now I really need to dig around to find something interesting.

    So my question is.. Any interesting movies/documentaries that are relatively new/unknown that are fun to watch high?

    'preciate it :smoke:
  2. New and unknown? Not really... buy I recent watched Exit Through the Giftshop (banksy) and Gonzo (Hunter S. Thompson). Both were a little less than I expected, but still good overall
  3. Watch some of the CNBC documentaries about different industries/business. shits pretty cool
    also documentaries about gangs are usually really good
  4. watch 'Kinsey' with Liam Neeson

  5. Me too:... so thats why I've become an addict of the BBC Horizon Docs,
    the latest one about CERN: Higgs particle, I'm about to step

  6. confederate states of America. It's basically set up as if you were watching a bbc special on american history, if the south won. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea. Definitely worth checking out imo
  7. Toughest Prisons in Russia-History

    Cocaine Cowboys and Cocaine Cowboys 2

    Journey Into Buddhism

    The Most Dangerous Gang In The World

    If you enjoy animation, anything by Miyazaki

  8. Thats a good one! literally just watched it, i love that shit:smoke:
  9. The Quantum Activist on Netflix.
  10. The most laughs I had watching a movie while blazed was Freddy Got Fingered.
    Funniest flick I've seen in a while.
  11. The furby documentary
    [ame=]Gremlins - Kitchen Scene HQ - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Go watch Enter the void!!!!!!!!
  13. Well it'd be hard to find but there's this really cool doc on skateboarding called Insane Cinema: freedom of space.
  14. Requiem for a Dream. Holy Shit.

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