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  1. ok im posting some photos of my plants so possibly i could get some input on what i may be doing wrong...

    i am currently using fox farm natural and organic ocean forest potting soil... and for nutriants i am using 9ml to every liter of water of iguana juice grow... light cycle is on 24 hours a day... and i water them about once every 5 days...

    i have multiple of each of these 3 plants growing..

    ok this pic i was trying to take there was some fuzzy stuff on my soil.. anyone know what this is and what it may be from.. my fans were off for a day and i was thinkin that may be what happened...

    This pic was taken right before i clipped a few of the shade leaves off.. this is blueberry..

    This one i had just clipped a couple shade leaves off already.. again this is a different blueberry..

    This is a leaf off one of the plants.. this is the only plant with this problem but im wondering what it is and how to fix it...

    this is a peak-19 plant.. it seems to be growing good..

    another peak-19 plant before i clipped some shade leaves....

    this is a velvet revolver...

    what do you all think about metal halide growing... right now the ballest and hood i have says its for metal halide.. could i put a hps bulb in there and it work or am i stuck with the metal halide... what are the benifits and down falls to using a metal halide..

    Any input would be appreciated.. thanks
  2. can anyone help with information on what i may be doing wrong??
  3. no you cant put in HPS bulb in there unless u get a converson kit.....and if i may ask why arn't you topping them?
  4. what do you mean topping them????
  5. and where do i get a conversion kit from???
  6. why are they naked....

  7. maybe that's too much light- i think most people to 12/12 (12 hours of light 12 of darkness)
  8. why 12 hours on 12 hours off???? and its only on one plant... out of 12
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    no no no no no. do not listen to this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about. -rep

    24/7 is fine in this stage of growing. eventually you will put them into 12/12 to make them flower and bud. 12/12 emulates the how the days get shorter in the fall. why did you clip the shade leaves off?

    eventually they will become bushier and sprout branches from nodes. just give them time. you're doing good except for cutting all their leaves off. how old are they? 2-3 weeks i'm guessing?

    and i think what everyone else is talking about is purchasing a conversion bulb. these will allow you to use high pressure sodium in a metal hallide light and vice versa. but AFAIK MH to HPS conversion bulbs are far more expensive than HPS to MH bulbs. so what you should have done was buy an HPS light and then bought an MH conversion bulb.

    you are in the vegetative growing stage and you want to use a MH bulb. once you decide to flower you'll want to use HPS, however you can still use the MH bulb, you just won't get nice compact bud, or as much of it.

    also don't concern yourself with topping your plants unless height is going to be an issue. just worry about growing some healthy plants first then you can start experimenting.

    one last thing is, chances are if you only have one light, you're not gonna be able to flower 12 plants. at least not very well. that could be the source of slow growth.
  10. ok now my plants are doing better... however there are still some issues... i still need some help please... and thank you to chemicalcomfort what you said helped me out alot.


    on the top plant the leaves are pointing straigh up to the light and some of them look like there starting to burn... the light is the same distance from this plant as the rest of the plants.. what could be making this happen?? is the light to close?

    This plant appears to be doing great.. what do you think???

    This plant is doing well as well...

    just one more thing my soil on a few plants keep getting this fussy lookin stuff on them.. what is this from?? and is this bad??
  11. Hey man,

    Well done for narrowly avoiding shite advice in this thread! And well done to Monsieur Comfort for seeing you right!!

    I'm a newbie, so take my advice lightly and hope that Chemicalcomfort comes back to help you, lol!

    What is the NPK ratio of the food you are serving? Looks like you might have a bit of N toxicity, nothing serious tho. The burns could be light or nute burn.

    They look pretty green and healthy overall. GL! :D:smoking:
  12. Also, just looked again and you may want bigger pots for those babies. :)
  13. haha i'm glad i could help :D

    that burning could have something to do with nutes or pH. Did you get yourself a pH meter yet? It could also be the heat from the lamp. If you put your hand over the plant, does your hand feel uncomfortable with the heat right there? If not it's probably fine which means it's either a nute or pH problem and 8 times out of 10 it's a pH problem.

    As for the fuzziness growing on your soil, i'm gonna guess your humidity is too high or you're watering too much because that sounds like mold. You're definitely gonna wanna get that straightened out before you start flowering them.

    the pots should be ok for now, but you'll want to transplant them sometime in the near future.
  14. i have a few new questions...

    at what point can i start cloning my plants??

    How to i stop my plants from growing?? i ask because im not ready to start flowering them so i need to keep them in the veg box for a few more weeks but i dont want them to get any taller in the veg box... what can i do??

    and anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to clone my babys....


  15. definately that plant has been to close to the light.put your clipper away you really dont want leaves off till after you have near finished vegging.the leaves you have taken off could have been done at a later stag,and these trimming would have been your strongest clones.also please post how often you are using nutes and what you are using for a light source and ill try helping you further.the fuzz you see is likely a form of mold.i really cant see it well in the pic but a better close up ofr it and i may be able to help with that as well!!!

  16. what are nutes... if there nutriants. i am using iguana juice...

    light source im using 3 floresent lights.. about a inch above the plants..

    so when can i start cloning???

    and is there a how to thread that you can link me too?

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