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Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Doobiedoobiedoo27, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. Any ideas why my seedlings are so light green (they are much lighter not on camera) or is it normal? And drooping? They're 1.5 weeks old and look a little small to me too. Roots look good, they're being lightly splashed with water. I dont start nutes till 2 weeks normally, should i start now? I have done seeds exactly the same as this before and no problems. 25 degrees Celsius, ph water 6.0, 240w led, 20 inches away at 30%ish power. 70% humidity 20211007_012412.jpg 20211007_012406.jpg 20211007_012439.jpg 20211007_012424.jpg
  2. I start dwc nutes at about EC=0.4 when they first go into hydro.
    My experience is that nutes need to be ramped up fairly quickly thereafter.
    My autos don't like much more than EC=1.3, and want less as harvest approaches.

    I think you have too much light for the food given.
  3. are you using beneficial organisms (ie. bennies?) because I see some darkening on the roots
    and that means root rot. Also the cube looks too wet. Its tricky getting rockwool to the good moisture level when first learning.
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  4. No I'm not, should I add some now or too late?
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  5. A cheaper, easier alternative is Clorox, which will also kill beneficial bacteria.
    I add 2 drops per gallon per day.
    Works well, I've never had rot.
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  6. Yes.
    Chlorine is a plant nutrient.
  7. I'll see if it's available in Australia. Thanks

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