Any ideas what’s wrong with my plant?

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    hi guys,

    So I’ve been growing 2 northern lights autos from vision seeds, about 6 or so weeks old now. One of them is doing really well, excellent growth and good colour and fat leaves.
    The other one recently has been looking pretty weak, smaller spindly thin leaves, yellow tips on some of the leaves and definitely slower growth. Have regular soil with perlite added to it and they are planted in 10 litre pots.

    I’ve just started adding nutes to them within the last week or so and I water them fairly regularly (checking the top inch or two of soil for moisture) usually every 2/3 day’s.

    I know it’s difficult to tell from pictures but any ideas what might be going wrong? Weird how the other is doing very well it almost the same growing medium.

    P.S. the 1st and 3rd pic are the weaker plant

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  2. first question is did you start these plants indoors?if you did ,did you harden them off for outside growing,also check bottom of pot to make sure drain holes arent plugged up,sure looks like over water or hardening off
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  3. Hey man thanks for the reply. I did start them off inside for the first 2 weeks during the seedling stage but they’ve been outside now for about a month. Lack of drainage could definitely be a problem as the pots I bought originally didn’t have holes in the bottom (stupid I know) I had drilled multiple holes in them but maybe it wasn’t enough.

    Seems strange to me since I’ve only been watering them every 3/4 days and it’s been super hot weather with sun almost all day. I’ll check them now
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  4. i agree ️, leaves look like they are being over watered.
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  5. s
    smell bottom of the pot,if it stinks like rot,up pot them in more soil,if you have some rooting powder take pot as is and put it inside bigger pot,fill in the sides of new pot ,dont pack but firm it against the old pot,once you do that slightly twist the old pot were you can get it out from inside new pot,then sprinkle the rooting powder all over the sides and bottom,then take your transplant put in hole,just give a slight watering and good to go,the new roots will find the bacteria,new powder and take off
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  6. Looks like the roots are getting choked out.... how much soil do you think is in those pots?
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