Any ideas on wat breed my dog is?

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    Her name is Cali, shes super smart, protective as hell, loving dog, loves to swim and go on walks.

    ive always thought she was some mix of pit and lab. she was a stray just running around my house about 7 yrs ago, so i tied her up to my flag pole figuring somebody was gonna be looking for her, left her food and water out there for 2 days and no body came and got her, so i was like fuck it i got me a new dog i guess, and im glad i did.

    so ive nevr been able to pop out the 130 bucks to do the doggy dna thingy lol and w/e her breed i wanna get another one like her. She has webbed feet, white chest and paws.
    any help would b great
    thanks GC MEMBERS!!!!!!

  2. yea it definatly has pit features. your lucky its not everyday you just find a healthy lookin stray pitbull.
  3. beautiful dog, she's gotta be some kind of a mut, it'l probably be tough to find another like her, she sort of looks like an hyena, i think that's ur best bet, u should definitely get an hyena, they'll be buddies for sure
  4. Cool dog but idk what kind it is. it deff looks like a Pitt mix tho
  5. Have you had a vet check for a microchip? Should be a free service to check. I paid $5 for a microchip on my dog when he was licensed.
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    Hahaha I can see him walking one of these down the street

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  7. The only type of large-ish dog I've ever seen with that type of coloring would be boxers. It could be like a boxer- german shepherd mix, but I agree it looks like it could have some pit features as well.
  8. looks like maybe pitt bull and a plott hound man, definitely looks like it has pit bull in it.... beautiful dog man
  9. ah yes i see the boxer in her with the hair and the white chest. her face looks like a boxer/pitbull.

  10. There are a TON of dog breeds that can have brindled patterns man
  11. From the first picture, she looks like she could be a Pitbull/German Shepard mix. I see some German Shepard features along with the obvious Pit characteristics.

  12. such as...?
    I've seen it on a lot of mutts, but boxers are the only breed I've seen with it without being mixed.

  13. Tons of hounds, boxers, pitt bull, bull dog, great dane, basenji, some corgi's

    Not very uncommon, my friend has 2 brindle pitts, and another has a brindle corgi.

    Ive seen a brindle basenji, but they are a different brindle, much more tan.... and ive seen a billion brindle hounds lol
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    English bull dogs
    Grey hounds
    Boston terriers
    Bull terriers
    Should I keep going? Cuz I can

  15. I was talking about large dogs, so... i missed like 2 i guess. my bad.
  16. The feet are webbed too btw
  17. Love that pattern. Definitely some pit, maybe some boxer aswell.
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    Treeing Tennessee Brindle
    American Bulldog
    Bouvier Des Flandres
    Bull Terrier
    Cane Corso Mastiff
    English Bulldog
    Great Dane
    Irish Wolfhound
    Saint Bernard
    Scottish Deerhound
    Scottish Terrier
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Tosa Inu
    dogo Argentina (or some shit like that)

  19. you forgot that almost all and any hounds can be, and there are quite a few breeds of hounds....

    Lol its one of the original fur patterns.... of course its all over the field of dogs (probably originated in hounds, or their predecessor, hence its so widespread, they are influences in tons of breeds)

  20. Most dogs that are bred from, mixed with, or are hounds have webbed feet lol, hunting dogs need them so they can swim real quick in lakes and get ducks someone has shot down

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