Any ideas on how much my plants will yield?

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  1. I just wanted to put up some pictures and see if you guys could tell me what you think they might yield.
    This is my first grow and I have gone so far up and down as far as what to expect with yield, so if any more experienced growers could help me out with what to expect, I would really appreciate it!

    3 of the plants were clones cut on 1/10, one is from seed from a couple weeks before that, it had a tough childhood and her brother was trashed.
    Anyways, they were vegged under cfls and tubes for 1 month.
    Started flowering on the 10th of last month, so flowering for almost 30 days now. And I imagine at least another month to go.
    Growing in soil, black gold.
    Under a 270w agro hps light with a 2' tube and a couple cfls.

    Check out all the pics and let me know what you think.
    The smallest plant, the one in the last picture is the one from seed.
    I think it will need to flower a while longer than the others.

    Thanks for the help!

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  2. What are your temps like? There seems to be a lot of leaf growth, more than bud. This can be due to low temps or just weak stock. Yield will not be high, but if you manage more than 1oz dry you have done well. I would suggest for the next grow you buy F1 seeds or quality clones. Keep up the good work!
  3. Temps are probably on the higher side actually. I do get pretty low at night, around the mid 60's, but when lights are on temps are usually around 80.
    The 3 bigger plants should be good genetics, they are clones from the club.
    Hindu Kush x Skunk #1 two of them are
    and one is Bubba Kush
  4. So.. an oz. or less is the consensus?

  5. Can't really say, but I would have let them veg for at least two months before flowering. Would have increased your yield significantly. The bigger the plant the more node areas for buds to grow, the more buds, the more yield.
  6. Yeah definitely, and thats the plan for the next set of plants. And you can't tell from those pictures, but before, I was only growing them in the top part of the closet, like where you put your jeans and stuff, so I was really crammed for space, that is the reason for early flowering, and lst.
  7. ya those plants look really small shoulda vegged for longer and do that in your next grow and you will have a much larger yield!
  8. No, not going to be a lot. I just harvested a plant early because of spider mites; only 1/2 oz. I think it's the plant I should have saved now, let finish cause I cured the mite problem just days later. Oh well.

    I'm doing three plants about 1 foot tall two weeks into flower right now, just experimenting. My wish is to constantly harvesty, but that's kinda tough with a six plant limit and size restrictions. I'll figure it out sooner or later.

    Looking good pal, keep up the good work!!!

  9. That's a nice looking sativa strain..

    They tend to flower longer and with smaller buds, are more lanky..

    I would go SCROG with that hunny and then you'll yield a butt-load.
  10. I say 11 oz per plant.
  11. 11oz/per? wtf? lol... anyways. i cant tell because the depth perception for me sucks.
    how big are those pots? that should tell me how big the plants are.. im guessing 1.5oz.
  12. The pots are 10''x10''
    Im guessing he meant 11 grams per plant, which I would be extremely happy with.
    Anything over an oz. will make me happy actually, but if I get close to 2 I'm going to piss myself with joy.
  13. what do you mean you dont know how much you will yeild i think you should know by now concidering those pics are for 1-5-04 youve had like 4 years too wieght it dont be lazy and make us guess :bongin:
  14. No, I meant 11 oz. I was just being a smartass.
  15. Nice yeah, the date on the camera is off, it got reset when I put new batteries in it a few days before these pictures.
  16. small plants dude pretty bitches though
  17. I wouldn't exactly call one post a consensus :confused:
  18. how much did actually yield from this?

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