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Any idea what kind of weed this is?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Costelloshane26, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Got this "great weed" from a friend pre ground cos I lost my grinder. Any idea what sort of weed it is and if it's good quality I'm a newbie at this
  2. Don't smoke this, it looks like its contaminated with gullible molecules
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  3. How much did you pay for that and how much did he tell you was there? Looks like el bricko de mexico aka Mexican brick weed, don't buy weed thats already been ground up you want actual nugs not shake..
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  4. Where I am weed is very expensive it's supposedly 2 grams but doesn't look it at all.

  5. How much did you pay bruh? I got 3.8gs of hash and 3gs of weed for £25 earlier from my plug lol
    Here's the hash
  6. Where I live a gram is €25.....
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    Damn bro if your paying 25 a gram make sure they give you nugs next time and not shake, shake should cost you £5 £10 at most a gram
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  8. Learn from this and don't buy pre ground weed. Even if it was really good weed, most grinders collect kief (trichomes containing a high percentage of thc that fall off the weed when ground, and is great to smoke), so whoever ground the weed up, collected trichomes which otherwise would have been attached to your intact nugs and in your bag.

    Good quality weed generally has a more vibrant light or lime green to it, and generally has less brown/dark green in the color. This isn't definite though, i've had some darker weed that was really good. yours seems pretty brown green, so chances are, its not the best weed on the street.

    I'd reccomend searching things like 'top shelf cannabis' in google to find pics of what good weed is supposed to look like, for next time you buy. Notice that much of the weed in the pictures will have abundant white 'crystals' covering it; These are the trichomes (same ones a grinder collects), the 'frostier' the cannabis you buy (the more abundant/pronounced these trichomes), the more potent the weed generally is. When judging one batch of weed from another, frostiness is probably the most important factor for me.
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  9. Looks like bullshit kush! It's a landrace strain from "you got fucked ville"
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  10. You can only get what you get though. If you can't get the expert shit then you get the regular shit. It's not like you can look through your junk mail to see who's having a coupon special. Frankly it looks like it has a decent amount of trichomes to it to me.
  11. I see seed casings
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  12. This could be already vaped bud
  13. Looks like the contents of my "post vape" bag.
  14. looks just fine dude. i have great weed that looks just like that when i grind it up. if it gets you high, that’s all that matters dude. peace

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