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Any idea how I can fit this jar into this Axe can?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BubbaTheBubbler, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Heres some pics

    Any ideas?

  2. Autosportmanship
  3. The jar is to big so no
  4. The mouth of the Axe can is narrower than the glass jar. I have no idea how you expect this to work at all. :p

  5. Using a dremel tool cut the bottom of the can. Smash this in. M-seal it from the inside.
    And then you can also stuff the "stuff" in the can :p..
  6. buy a smaller jar?
  7. I can just imagine this guy being high as hell staring at the 2 cans for hours trying to figure out how to fit the glass jar in the axe can haha. But anyways your going to need to cut it, and then its going to look bad and then blah blah. Just dont do it lol
  8. my spoon is too big
  9. Could cut it from the bottom but then either way you wouldnt be able to put the lid on ......

    Y can't you guys just wrap it in clothes inside more clothes ......
  10. You ain't planing on flying some where with your "Cryptex"??
  11. these dont even work for cops. they'll pop it off and check.
  12. How come you dont just pop your stash in a baggy and shove the baggy straight in the axe can, instead of using the jar? Because the jar doesn't seem like too much of an advantage, just bring a clean jar to wherever you're going and transfer your weed when you get there
    Or am I missing the point? Lol

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