Any hunters out there?

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  1. If so whats your favorite game? Biggest trophy? Archery or gun?

    Lets hear all of your stories.

    I use a long bow, made it myself out of swiss pear, tokin bamboo, and leapord wood. its 55lb draw, and a 30in draw.

    I personally like longbow over compound simply because of the challenge and feeling of killing an animal with something you made. Also with a compoud there is let off so your really only pulling a small percent of the actual draw lbs. Longbows you get the full power of the bow, and you generally cant pull the same weight you can a compound..
  2. Yep another hunter here, i hunt everything i possibly can in ireland,but my favourite is fallow deer,seasons open again the 1st of sept i cant wait, i hunt with

    Sabbatti 6.5x55 rifle.with t8 moderator
    12g semi auto baikal shotgun
    .22 cz 425 for small game,with silencer

    hope to get a remington 700 or a tikka t3 in .243 next year
  3. damn i would give a nut to hunt in ireland..

    i would also love to hunt some Red Stag in Argentina, or New Zeland.
  4. Nice! I've been hunting for as long as i can remember, my dad used to take me a lot when I was little so yeah, fall is awesome. I hunt grouse, duck, goose, pheasant, and deer. I have a browning bps 12ga waith mossy oak shadowgrass rubberized finish, a remington 870 express 20ga, and a remington 7mm magnum. I a new 20ga so i think I'm gonna get another browning cuz browniing kicks ass.
  5. yeah i kinda made it sound like all i use is longhow..

    i have a reminton 12ga, ithaca 12ga (at least 25 deer with it), 30-.06, smith n wesson 45 mag 625 series i believe, and a bolt action 22 with a scope and red light by primos for coon hunting at night.

    i hunt deer, javelina, wild boar, alligator, and turkey.
  6. Nice man! I've wanted to go turkey hunting for a while now an i think i might next year. That long bow sounds bad ass man! i completely forgot, i have a compound bow that i got last year for my b-day, i've been shooting it all summer and i'm hoping tio hunt with it next year.
  7. whoah guys your lucky, bow hunting is still illegal in most of europe sadly, all in all what i hunt is,

    Rabbit,Hare,Phesent,Grouse, red deer(some of the biggest red deer worldwide are in ireland), fallow deer, sika deer, red fox, pigeon, dove, feral cats,grey squirrel and wildfowl etc hope to get a nice trophy fallow deer this season, ive shooting rights on over 4000acres of land for deer :D

    i would love to hunt an elk and some whitetail ive seen planty primos vids of them hunts and they look brilliant!
  8. I have been rifle hunting deer for 10 years now, and finally got my 1st deer last November. 1st shot I've ever taken on a deer even - I usually don't see many. I'm still eating him. He's very tasty. :)
  9. I shoot the pigeons outside my window with a pellet gun, haha.

    I use some really old guns that were handed down to me. I've got a 30-06, 12 Gauge, anda Remington 28 Gauge for birds and small game.

    I hunt White Tail Deer, Black Bear, Turkey, Grouse, and all kinds of small game.
  10. It's ok to hunt bears? I had no idea.

    I've been a few times with my dad and my friend's dad. I don't really care for it. It's not that I'm bothered by the killing of game, it's just not fun for me at all. More of a chore than anything. Now fishing, I can do that for the rest of eternity. :)
  11. I am a certified Milf Hunter.
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    I mostly upland birds, with my Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge with a modified choke.

    I'm looking at getting a nice deer/target shooting gun in the near future but the cost of what I want is more than my budget will allow currently.

    Savage 10FP .308 with a Choate Stock and a Leupold VX-II 4-12AOx40mm. Should cost me about $1300-1400. The one in the image has a Burris Scope I think on there... I won't have the cash for one of them so a Leupold is the best I can get.

  13. My first luv is hunting small game, the challenge of hitting a big old gray squirrel with my 22 bolt action at 75 yards, or the thrill of busting on a couple of grouse and the sound of their wings thumping as you lead the bead on them and pull the trigger, even jumping a cotton tail and drawing down on him as the beagles chasing him.

    But living in Pa. Deer hunting is a fall/winter ritual, and i have had my share of trophies. This year because of the injury to my hand i will be able to hunt with a cross bow, so it should be interesting.

    Also a ritual in PA. is spring gobbler season, where i get to dress up in camos and break out the ole turkey call.
  14. I have a burris fullfield II on my 6.5x55,its not a bad scope actually, im hoping to change to a zeiss conquest 4-9x50 as soon as possible,anyone have one for sale? a schmidt and bender scope would be nice too :cool:

    I got my 08-09 deer licence today woohoo!!
  15. Whats hunting in Ireland like?
  16. Its not bad, its still seen as some sort of a taboo here for some reason though,sadly considering hunters do all the conservation work here! we have absolutely huge amounts of game though,especially deer where i live, the season starts the 1st of september i cannot wait i havent shot a deer since feburary! i would love to hunt in the states,its so acceptable to be a hunter there :hello:
  17. Damn I wish I could get that Burris scope you have. Those are sweet. You must make a pretty penny to drop that much money and still consider a Zeiss.
  18. wow! i didnt expect that many respones.

    If you could hunt any game, no matter tag draw/lottery. What would it be?

    For me i would say Red Stag, Fallow, or any African game.
  19. I'd trade that burris for a zeiss anyday!im gonna try get one from the states off the net, my ideal stalk and throphy would probably be a good elk or caribou hunt,i spotted a nice fallow throphy the other day when i was out scouting i might take him this season :D
  20. Thought id throw this up, a cull buck from last year, and my rifle,hope to get a better trophy this season

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