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  1. I'm trying to figure this out. I've never seen mottling like this. It's happening to 1 of my 2 blue dreams. Outdoor soil grow. Ph was 6.4 this morning. Have been treating with some cal mag on top of foxfarms schedule but am holding back because they got the claw a little bit. Plants are in 3rd week of flower. Overall garden is healthy. What could this be? It's on most of the plant... 20170831_122027.jpg 20170831_122027.jpg 20170831_122116.jpg 20170831_122224.jpg

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  2. Looks like calmag def to me, water with some epsom salt 1tsp per gallon, and 6.4 ph seems low for soil you want it closer to 6.8 to 7
  3. And check the undersides of that last leaf. Those white stipples look a lot like early mite damage.
  4. Agree with both posts above.

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