Any good topics to debate on?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ReturnFire333, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Feeling the need to keep the mind sharp, anything to debate?

  2. The virtues or the lack of on Obamacare or if not allowing farmers in California to have access to water in order to protect a fish that is 4 inches long.
  3. Best quarterback ever? Mmmmmm
  4. How about the root purpose of Tue constitution

  5. Honestly I think no need to talk politics for keeping the mind sharp, it's really just current events... besides the conversation will end up in a fight lol. But yea
    I get angry when I think I how the USA is becoming
    Everything is entitled
    Supposed to feel ashamed for being one of the greatest nations
    Turning into a police state, the police are getting to much power
    Everything has to be about race and not offending the other guy...gotta sugar coat and distort the truth so they don't get upset
    Have to practice political correctness
    Politicians jumping onto every single issue, not to help, but to put her name out there
    Making things worse so you can creat a crises and using that crises to give the government more powers
    Gotta make things right for what happened 200 years ago and punish everyone they say, what they are really doing is keeping them down even more and saying its ok to be a victim, just give up anyways
    People accusing the other people of doing things that YOU are doing

    But yea great country we are becoming. At least it's better then most other places out there so I'm great-full
    Brady, Montana and that old guy???joe Namath
    Yet they blame it on weed farmers lol
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    shut up you infiltrator
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