Any good hobbies for stoners?

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  1. I guess the title is pretty self explanitory, i basically just chill at home, smoke, and play xbox. (lookin for a job tho!) but i was wondering what are some FUN hobbies that you would reccommend i try.
  2. Indoor Horticulture

    not necessarily growing weed lol, but anything.... its fucking addicting

    Wish i still had my indoor garden......
  3. -growing
    -carving pieces of wood into pipes and bongs
    -play some guitar
    -get high obviosly
    -build pc grow box
    -make some really difficult food for when your high
    -read the whole lord of the rings series or watch it (thats a whole days worth of viewing basically)
    good luck hope my list helped
  4. Guns?


    Ps3? Lol

    I personally love hiking with a dog or buddy. Bring food bud and some tunes, and always respect nature and don't leave trash.
  5. Hey thanks blades, i cant grow nothin until i move outta my parents house. Still live there on account of me still bein in highschool and lookin for a job (i am 18 tho) just wanted to get that point across. Had my old account deleted due to a typo hahaha
  6. Hiking

    Making Music

    Mountain Biking would be cool even though I haven't tried it



    Interpretive Dance
  7. masturbation.
  8. Something involving animals like fish tanks reefs dartfrogs snakes est
  9. according to denis leary, smoking pot leads to carpentry!
  10. get a djembe, man. super versatile and you don't even really have to be good to have fun with it. plus if you get a smallish one you can take it anywhere with you with a strap.
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    Climbing small buildings & urban exploration
    Traveling ... road trips! Or Amtrak. Amtrak is comfortable and the scenery is nice. And they have a lounge car that serves beer and burgers.

    And the usual video games / movies

    NeGeV: One of my friends has a djembe. Really awesome as a background for when everyone's stoned. Kinda makes you feel like an old hunter-gatherer society sitting around a fire getting stoned after a day's hunt. Especially if you're camping...

  12. yeah, they're great for just chilling and playing outdoors is awesome.
  13. I'm an outdoorsman, although I love just chilling, toking with friends playing some xbox all day.
    But serious, get a friend or two, get a blunt ready, or bong, whatever you're using, and drive around to a kind of remote area and just look into all the nature and see where you think would be a cool spot to smoke.
    And when you see something that'd be cool, remember, you're looking at it probably from lowerground and further away, so when you get up there, the view will be amazing, and will totally be worth it.
  14. Video games are for sure :)
    Doing anything outdoors, like the poster said above.. find cool spots to smoke!
    Painting and Photography
    Love making hemp jewelry
  15. Me its cooking, one you sit there smoking your bong well cooking whatever.

    If your cooking talented you can cook anything stoned and be satisfied.
  16. exploring your town

    pick up an instrument
  17. I feel you on that one, plan to get a new tent and lights next year tho! :hello: You don't realize how much you miss it until you stop; it's like you watch a tiny seed grow and blossom into this amazing plant and everyday you see changes, makes life and nature seem so surreal.

    But Hiking is fun, taking a little pipe out and a sack of bud in a camelback for hours of peace and serenity, makes you really think about stuff.
  18. Online poker. Nothing like getting baked and winning money :)

    Edit: unless you are in the USA
  19. I just watch tv, browse the internet, and sleep.

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