Any Germans Here?

Discussion in 'General' started by emrandel, May 26, 2006.

  1. I'm originally from Germany but I'm living in the U.S. right now. This summer I'll be visiting in Germany all of July. I was wondering if there's any GC members from/in Germany. I'll be in Hessia, about 1 hour from Frankfurt.

    I'm not asking for a hook-up, I know that's not allowed but maybe if anyone is close by who could tell me about some head shops in the area and the like. On I read that hash and bud is about 5 Euros p/ gram. Which is about $6.50.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S. - I'll also be in Greece for around 10 days.
  2. great grandma came over from germany(only spoke german) but the line after that, grandparents and parents and me, were all born here

    so my background is german, but wasnt born there

    good luck with finding stuff though :smoke:
  3. Frenchy here, lived in france for four years, close enough.

    Europe ftw.
  4. We had a german foreign exchange student in my American History class. She was cool.
  5. Well thanks for replying guys, we've had some close calls so far. If I'd just asked 100 years ago I could of chilled with TokinBlue's Great Grandma. I was pretty sure I'd seen a couple German's on the board I just can't recall their screen names.
  6. Ich spreche Deutsch nicht sehr gut... But im not German that i know of.. but i wish i was, so that way i knew the langauge a lot better, cause i like the langauge.
  7. Im the first person on my dads side to be born in america, theyre all germans....So i guess that makes me 1/2...
  8. Good to see the blood flowin' guys... keepin' the thread alive till we find some people who're livin' there right now.

  9. My last name translates to a word in German...
    If only I could tell you guys...
  10. Nein, bin ich nicht Deutscher aber kann klein Deutsch sprechen.
  11. lived in baden-vurtenberg for 8 years. it was cool, but then again i was a kid.
  12. im part german, representin!
  13. I'm from Scotland, but I go over to Germany all the time (got friends and relatives there). I spend alot of time in Dusselfdorf and Berlin. Its REALLY easy to get good quality morrocan black, but I'm not sure how easy you will find it getting weed (its pretty rare over there). I don't know what the frankfurt area's like but if its the same as anywhere I've been, parks = your friend. Just go the biggest parks in the city and look won't take too long before you spot someone (or are spotted yourself). Usually the guys are turkish (sometimes black) and they'll speak enough english to get by. In my experience, don't ask for weights, just tell them how much ur prepared to spend (It usually works out at about 6-7 euro per gram). I'm really jealous, I always get sooo high when I'm in germany. Ooooh, I nearly forgot, check this out:

  14. Awesome, thanks Green Salad. I've been checking webehigh out a bit but that's only one testimony and I figure it's best to get all the info I can. I've heard that Berlin is a little more expensive.

    Also I don't know the small town situations right now since that's where I'll be staying. I don't want to travel around too much but ultimately I'd rather just buy a couple ounces of hash/bud and then settle back in my small town while it holds me over for the month.

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