any florida growers? or anyone who knows about the area?

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  1. hey just wondering if it would be too late in the season to start growing. i live in central FL and it doesnt even get cold here until december and we rarely have frosts. i actually just planted 6 plants and 4 have sprouted already on the 4th day. so yeah just some info would be awesome.
  2. ugh yesss its too late. it might be warm for a while but the sun is different. wait till next year and start in april
  3. yeahh dude, its too late. just wait til next season. i live in GA, i always start my babys on 4/20:)
  4. I would never suggest anyone break the law here in Florida. We have the absolute worst laws in the entire nation. 20 Grams is a felony here. Less than 25 plants can even pull a trafficking charge.. We have a Quadriplegic in Tampa in jail for his medicinal use of marijuana. After they recognized he used it medicinally he got a reduced sentence of 90 days and 3 years probation.

    Florida is horrible..

    Get started now on helping us change the laws..

    People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida PAC -

    We are looking at 2012.
  5. 'Legislative Action on Medical Marijuana' press conference at Florida's Capitol on March 10 at 11am. This is your opportunity to show the legislators that people do care about the medical marijuana issue. Be there by 10:30 dressed like a professional - clean cut (or hair tied back), shaven, showered, fresh breath, shirt, tie, (suit if possible), dress shoes - NO sandals. Carpooling is available.

    We still need more patients, police officer, religious leaders and prosecutors to speak!

    Share this information and Call your Representative today!

  6. Florida lawmaker's tilting at windmills with medical marijuana bill

    Medical Marijuana Bill Filed in Florida

    Support House Joint Resolution 1407

    Call your Legislators Today!! They need to know their constituents support it or they won't support it!!

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